Love Coaching: 7 tips to survive a breakup.

from On October 20, 2015

Love coaching: Here are 7 tips that can help you survive a breakup:

Have you ever lived a true love filled relationship, with an open heart, only to be confronted with a broken heart? After living magical moments with your partner, it is not easy to handle a breakup. Here are some tips to survive this grief! A breakup, like a tsunami sweeps the relationship in its path and brings out many swirls of emotions like anger, sadness, fear, worthlessness and guilt. Whether you have decided to end the relationship or not, you may feel that your ex left with a share of yourself, leaving a feeling of great emptiness inside. The whirlwind of emotions can then give the impression of being alone and without resources on a deserted island. Despite the fact that there is no magic formula to make it through the storm, some techniques and strategies can facilitate the crossing so that it is as serene as possible.

1.Accept the emotions felt and let them express

A breakup often makes you feel the same emotions as grief. It is normal to go through, the phase of denial, anger and sadness before the stage of acceptance. It is more appropriate not to make yourself dizzy, but rather take some time alone to live your emotions and understand what is lived and felt. Know that expressing your pain through writing, painting, drawing and music is a very healthy way to release emotions! And to Share it with someone can also bring some relief.

2. Take a step back to see clearer

Many people interpret what the former spouse thinks and why he or she ended the relationship and sometimes without knowing the real reasons. Others sometimes idealise the Ex or the relationship. Unfortunately, these are not good ways to get out of the storm. So how? It is best to take a step back from the situation in order to see more clearly and be more objective, which greatly facilitates healing.

3. Limit contact with ex

To dissociate faster from the old relationship and to recover from certain injuries, it is best to limit contact, especially the first few weeks after the breakup. Also, it is better to set aside certain objects in your environment, such as photos, that can recall memories spent with your loved one.

4.Try activities that make you feel good

Many people tend to isolate themselves after a breakup, which may increase the feeling of inner emptiness. Doing activities that provide a sense of well-being and invest in projects that interest you, are good ways to survive a breakup and find balance.

5. Surround yourself with good people

Accept the presence, the listening and the comfort of your entourage, dare ask for help or open up to new people can avoid isolation and  switch more easily through the turmoil of the breakup. Be accompanied by a professional (Life coach, psychotherapist, sexologist) can encourage the connection to some of your resources, such as self-confidence, to get through the mourning peacefully.

6. Be clear about your needs with your entourage

When the help proposed by your entourage dooes not meet your needs, it is appropriate to quickly say what you need and what would do you good. For example, some close friends will tend to criticize the former spouse, in times of inner storm, nobody wants to hear that kind of comment. Others will give a wealth of advice, when what you need is perhaps listening, empathy and a caring presence. We should not blame them: they probably feel powerless over the situation and do not know how to act to be useful. This is why it is important to explain your needs.

7. Redefine your needs

To Wonder about the values that are important to you, to define your needs and to assess the relationship can allow you to go forward more easily. Thus, you can make adjustments to your well-being and your aspirations. Time is certainly part of the allies, as self-confidence and trusting life. Although the benefits of separation will perhaps not appear easily at the beginning, the lessons that will follow will make you feel yourself again and in full possession of your means to go about your business.

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