About us

 Amethyst Coaching was founded by Alexandre Langevin and Serge Nadeau in 2015.

We decided to set up a blog specializing in personal development and coaching. Our mission through this blog is to give you courses, tips, tools and techniques to help you take control of your life, help you tap your full potential and become the person you always dreamed of being. On this site you can use the tools given in our articles and coach yourself or find the best online courses and Books for the aspect you want to improve in your life. We created this blog to help you  be your true self, to love yourself, to find your true life purpose and to achieve real happiness. In this blog we discuss many topics related to personal development such as Love, Finance, Healing, Life Purpose, Spirituality and Kids. We are here to help and inspire you to become the best version of yourself.

About Alexandre & Serge,

 Alexandre, Life Coach and Artist, studied Arts in Montreal and worked in many different fields such as Makeup Artist, Graphic Design, Restaurant business, Industrial manufactories, Customer service, sales and so on. Alexandre is also the Author and Illustrator of the Children’s Book Elikarli published in 2010. A book focusing on positive self-esteem and environment. His book was distributed to thousands of children from disadvantaged backgrounds to offer them a vision of love and hope. He has been very passionate about personal development and related topics for many years now. With his past experience in several fields and his desire to help people, he decided to start his studies and become a Life Coach. Since then, he is always looking to inspire people  and bring out their full potential through coaching. His true life purpose is to inspire, bring hope and especially  help people become the best version of themselves. He combined and sorted the contents of the best coaches to create his own tools and recipes in order to be more effective while coaching.


Serge, Life Coach, studied psychology for 2 years  before  working in the restaurant and Hotel field for more than 20 years.  Throughout the years he had to handle multiple situations with  people who have perceptions and realities completely different from one another. That’s when he decided to start doing research on personal development to better understand every being and thereby change his life positively. He’s been putting alot of time and energy over the last 4 years to educate and study personal development and he is very passionate about it. Through courses, lectures, trainings, seminars, coachings and videos, he learned several coaching techniques  from experts  such as Wayne Dyer, John Kehoe, Deepak Chopra, Jack Canfield, Brian Tracy and so on. He also sorted the contents of the best coaches to create his own Tools to help people reach their full potential.