Spirituality Coaching: What & How to ask Angels.

from On January 25, 2016

Spirituality Coaching: What & How to ask Angels.

Doreen Virtue has written many books on Angels and Archangels. Because she has been communicating with them forever. She tells us that these are Beings of Pure Divine Light. The word Angel means “messenger of God”. They love us unconditionally and they see us as we are in our Divinity.

There are many Angels and they work under the direction of the Archangels. Their task is to facilitate our daily life while answering all of our requests because they know our life mission and they are there to help us move in the direction of the mission. That is why they are called “Guardian Angels”. There is no special training to start cooperating with them, or be of a specific religion or spiritual beings or wise. No, all we need is the intention.

But according to the Law of Free Will, a request must be made to them before anything. In Fact, they can intervene in our lives only if we ask them. And even if they know exactly what we want or what we need, they will wait until a proper demand is addressed to them. Once the request is made, nothing is impossible. they can help us with small things (like finding a city parking) or more important things (like healing an internal injury).

Never be afraid to disturb them, they are there to help us. Joy, peace and internal security manifested in us when they respond to our requests raises our vibration and that’s the most important part. They also know that it will increase our sensitivity, open our hearts and thus put us on the path of reconnection with our Soul. Here is the mission they assigned themselves: to help us remember where our soul, our Divine Being, wants to take us.

There are Several ways to address them: by asking them help aloud, by thoughts, by writing our request, by visualizing our guardian angels taking care of our request and by affirming our gratitude in advance for their help. The words are not important because the angels actually respond to the prayers of our hearts. Then we must let go. As Doreen Virtue says in her book Healing with the Angels: Before God and the angels can heal your situation, you must totally hand over your situation. It’s like sending a letter. You need to let it go before the post office can deliver it. We so often ask heaven for help! Yet instead of letting it materialize, we hold on to the situation and we block the ability of the Angels to intervene. If you really want help, give your problem to God and the Angels. Yes, let go as always, have confidence and Believe 100%!

To illustrate this, let me tell you a little story: a few days ago, I was doing some errands without knowing what time it was. But it was a busy time in the store. To find a parking space in the basement parking, I had to turn a little understeer. Spaces are so small with poles everywhere! I’m not a pro maneuvers so it often happened that i almost gave up my shopping. I still ended up finding a place where my car could fit. And after a number of delicate maneuvers, I was installed. But, coming out of the car, I realized that the handle of the back door was three centimeters of the post. I sent the following request to my angels, “OK, you will have to help me out of this place without damaging my car!”. Then I went to do my shopping without thinking about it. When I returned, while the store and the parking lot were really full as an egg, I was surprised to see the “two” places in front of my car were Empty! I jumped in my car and I quickly got out of there like a flower without any maneuver to do! Laughing heartily and thanking my Angels! I said it was a small story but it illustrates perfectly the help that our angels can bring us to make life easier for us and frankly, you have no idea how happy I was! The answer of the angels may be received as a word, a sentence, a music, an idea that springs suddenly in our minds, a vision or an inspiration to do something. So we must learn to be attentive, to listen to what comes to us, whether from inside ourselves and outside. We must learn to “listen to the signs.”

A friend of mine recently told me that while she was watching a show on TV, she suddenly entered some kind of a waking dream whose subject was the orientation that was going to take place in his professional future (something which concerns him right now). His attention was not very involved in the program for such a phenomenon to happen but one thing is certain, this is called a vision. From now on he decided that all he will do will go in the direction of this vision (whether he finds it unrealistic or not).

We can always wonder if all this is not the result of an overactive imagination. If this is your case, why not undertake a series of tests on the subject. Like Doreen Virtue says in How to Hear Your Angels, “A good scientist always experiments before drawing conclusions. Whether your hypothesis is in favor of your belief in angels or not, take the time to test the theory. [..] Mentally Ask your angels to help you in an area of life (personal or professional). Then, observe the help coming to you after submitting your request. “The Angels, Archangels and even Masters love it when we experience. They strongly encourage us to do so in joy and good humor!

Doreen Virtue also says in Healing with the Angels that we can make a request for someone other than ourselves: “And if you want the angels to perform healing on another person for example, you can ask them to help a loved one in need or a group of people whose fate, referred to information, has touched your heart. It is always an act of love to ask God to send Angels to someone else. This is not a violation of free will because the person can choose to listen or not to angels messages. God particularly responds rapidly to such a request when it comes from parents wishing that “Angelic babysitters” take care of their progeny.

Finally, I will mention again Doreen Virtue and the Angels in Healing with the Angels: “If you need anything don’t hesitate to call for our help. Give us all situation causing distress or making you lose peace of mind. We promise to comfort you and to influence the material world to support you in your current environment. I wish you well on your way to light! Thank You So much for reading this spirituality coaching article.  Please let us know if you have any questions, we love hearing from you. Best regards.




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