Spirituality Coaching: How to Improve your Aura.

from On August 5, 2016

Spirituality Coaching: How to Improve your Aura

The aura acts as a barrier, a custom house, and only currents that are in affinity with our being can pass and reach us. It is therefore in our interest to work to make our aura beautiful and powerful in order to receive the beneficial influences emanated from the cosmos and our surroundings, and not be affected by their negative influences. Let us see the different ways to get there …

The Essential

The key to increase the intensity, purity and power of the aura, is to have this high ideal to accomplish righteous and noble deeds, to have pure thoughts and feelings. Those who find that the nature of their actions, thoughts and feelings does not matter because morality and religion are now outdated and is something that we must get rid of, those people disfigure their aura and only produce dull and dirty colors, chaotic vibrations with no harmony, and unconsciously others feel it and move away. We love what is pure, bright, harmonious, and whoever wants to be loved must understand that he has to let in pure and bright forces.

For those seeking love, power or light, there is no other method but to work on your aura to remove the dull colors that destroy, with their vibrations, all that is good in others. Some people stand next to you only for a few minutes and you are flat, joyless, empty. And others stand next to you for a few minutes and you are resurrected, you have faith and momentum. The cause of these changes is their Aura.

The characteristics of the aura:

If one is pure, the aura becomes clear and transparent.

If one is full of love, the aura gives life.

If one is intelligent, the aura becomes brighter.

If you live an intense life, the aura vibrates intensely.

If one has a strong will, the aura becomes powerful.

If one focuses on spiritual matters, it widens, amplifies and becomes immense.

Finally, the beautiful colors of the aura depends on the harmony between all the qualities and virtues. The aura still has a lot of nuances, but here are the basics. So those who always have good thoughts, faith in the universal laws, hope, goodness, purity, receive all the wealth of nature and what is bad or evil can not penetrate them, they are protected. There is no more effective protection then a pure and bright aura.

How to work on your aura? This can be done in two ways.

First by the conscious will, by focusing on colors, imagining that we are swimming in the purest and brightest colors. To have an exact idea of the seven solar colors, they are violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red, you can use a prism, because the colors you see in nature, on flowers or birds are not exactly those of the solar light. While with a prism you can really see what the colors are. Then, as an exercise we can imagine that we are surrounded, immersed in each of the seven colors, by keeping them for a few minutes each around us, with the feeling they are coming out of us and spreading into space, and sending our love through these colors in the universe.

The second method is to work on the virtues: purity, patience, forgiveness, generosity, kindness, hope, faith, humility, justice. This second method is the safest because it works on the virtues and the virtues themselves are forming the aura. Obviously, combining these two methods, is even better. With the virtues, it is done naturally, without having to think … While the first method, the conscious will, it’s less efficient because let’s suppose we focus every day on the aura, but at the same time we live ordinary lives by transgressing the universal laws: on one side we built, but on the other side, we demolish, so it does not work. This is why it is better to join the two ways: live an honest life, pure, full of love, and at the same time consciously work on your aura with your imagination.

Astrology: Capturing the currents of the planets

To capture the GOOD currents of the planets and not to receive the bad currents, the aura must be pure. In astrology all the planets are actually beneficial, but their effects on humans depends on the aura. If in our aura we have elements that do not allow the beneficial influences of a planet to penetrate it, the currents that this planet sends deteriorates, breaks and produces harmful effects. On the other hand, if the aura is pure and powerful, all the influences become good.

Improve your aura

The state of the aura, its purity, its clarity, depends on how one lives. If he indulges in laziness, disorder, vices, his aura becomes like a swamp from which escapes unhealthy fumes that others feel. Even if people do not see anything – because unless you are clairvoyant it is difficult to see the aura of someone but they feel a heavy and dark atmosphere, and don’t approach. As long as we do nothing to change a mediocre life of weakness and stupidity, all exercises of concentration on the aura we can do will not be useful. It’s the same thing with our health: if we simply take drugs without changing the way we live, the drugs will only be palliatives.

It’s within ourselves first that a pure aura brings improvements, but it also transforms the atmosphere around us, which is why others begin to love us without even knowing why, they feel well around us. In reality, what they feel is a presence, the presence of luminous beings that our aura has attracted. The celestial entities love pure colors, and when they perceive a being surrounded by this light and these colors, they run to him, just as the dark entities run towards vicious and wicked people and make them repulsive to their surroundings. But humans are so unconscious that they do not know why or how they attract good or bad things…

A light in the night

The earth is like an ocean on which we are sailing at night, in the dark. If we do not project from within ourselves luminous signals, invisible beings, angels, archangels will not notice us. therefore we must project lights, and these lights, it’s the aura that projects them. So whoever has a luminous aura is seen by the workers of Heaven and if we call them, they can run to us because of the lights our aura projects.

An Essential work

So this is the work that we must accomplish on ourselves for years to make our aura an antenna capable of attracting all that is really beautiful and beneficial in the universe. If you are asked: ” Do you really care about your health, your beauty, your peace, your happiness? Do you really want to be loved You will answer?: “Yes, this is all i want! “Then why are you not doing anything to get it? All these blessings can not fall on you like that, by chance. The best way to attract them is to work on the aura: with love you vivify it, with wisdom you make it brighter, with strength of your character you make it powerful, with a pure life you make it crystal clear. The qualities that you give your aura depend on the virtues you get to develop.

So it’s by working every day to enrich your aura with new qualities you will get everything you desire. Thank you for reading this Spirituality Coaching article. Best regards.


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