Finance Coaching: 10 tips for success.

from On January 19, 2016

Many people think that you just need to open a computer or take a few appointments to start earning money and to have success. In fact, the key is that you have to prepare and understand success of a good entrepreneur.

Finance Coaching: 10 tips for success.

1. Keep your focus, keep your concentration. A project must have a good foundation to work and we must ensure that all is well done before starting another project.

2. Read every day to Develop and learn up to the desired success.

3. Make your financial balance sheet regularly. Know what you have in your bank account. Make sure your taxes are paid and you have the money collected to pay those taxes. Know your numbers, what is the acquisition costs of a new customer. How much money do you get on average from a new customer ect…

4. Slow down, don’t try to go too fast, instead do things correctly one step at a time.

5. Plan the returns you want on your investment.

6. Take time to love what you are doing, to love your customers, to enjoy yourself, to take some time for yourself, and to relax.

7. Feel gratitude every day. Having a good positive attitude affects your customers, your employees, ect. Feeling Gratitude and having a positive attitude will improve all aspects of your life.

8. Take care of what you already have before wanting more. Let’s say you want a better car, take care of the one you already have.

9. Do your own bookeeping. Regularly send your tax papers and keep your papers always well organized.

10. Have a balanced life. Family time, rest, pleasure are all important on your way to success. Don’t sabotage a part of your life for another. Success is an overall balance. Don’t be a wealthy but sick person or a single businessman, for example.

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