Finance Coaching: 5 tips to attract more money.

from On February 9, 2016

Finance Coaching: 5 tips to attract more money.

While everyone wants to attract money, we don’t all have a sane view  about money. Many religions teach that money is “the root of evil.” They back up clichés like “the rich gets richer while the poor gets poorer.” If you want more money in your life, then you must love money. This may sound  strange, but the law of attraction brings you the object you have appreciation for, if  you consider that money is evil, and that poverty is much healthier, then you will attract more poverty.

Attracting wealth into your life is just like having a romantic relationship. And that’s exactly what the law of attraction is. It’s not simply writing or saying affirmations, it’s not enough to use pictures and visualize things  you want, you have to feel a deep sense of well-being about the object of your desire.

Here are 5 tips to attract more money:

1. Realize money is like electricity.

It’s neither good or bad. Like electricity, you can use it to do a lot of  good or cause harm. Many people prefer to blame money for their mistakes because  they are afraid to face their responsibility.

2. All you want to attract requires a specific way of thinking.

You must have an intense feeling for your desire. Whatever you want you have to feel incredibly well when thinking about it. If you have any negative feelings about money, how can you hope that money wants to come to you?

3. Keep pictures or symbols related to money.

This will help you focus and always remember your intention. You can use pictures of money, real money, things or objects you could do or get with money or symbols such as rocks or marbles.
Use the symbol that works for you, when you look at that symbol, you must immediately feel good.

4. Act.

You can not just say I want to attract money, you really need to focus on the prosperity, opportunities will come to you, at that time, just trust your guidance system to take you to the right action, choose one that makes you feel good.

5. View.

Use your imagination to imagine that you are already rich. Visualize exactly how much money you want, you want $500 per week, $1000 per week? Also Play the game “And if I won the lottery,” now  imagine that you already have that extra money, enjoy this feeling. You should do this visualization exercises every day, for at least fifteen minutes, but it should always be fun, if  it seems to be a chore don’t do it, since your vibration would be negative.

This is a few simple steps to help you to easily attract more money and prosperity into your life. Thank you for reading this finance coaching article. Please let us know if you have any questions and feel free to leave a comment. We are suggesting below online courses and books to go further in the process. Best Regards.


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Do you feel like no matter what you do, you end up feeling like there’s not enough money to cover your bills, do the things you want to do, or feel secure? Have you tried penny pinching and just ended up feeling deprived AND like there’s not enough money? Do you crave being able to make plenty of money doing the things you love but you just don’t know how to make that happen? Do you feel bad about past financial decisions you’ve made and feel like they’re still haunting you?

Let’s face it, we’ve all beaten ourselves up about our finances, but let me ask you: How’s that working for you?

The truth is that in every economic climate there are those who thrive and there are those who struggle. What’s the difference between these types of people? How can you learn to be one of those who thrive no matter what?

It comes down to having enough.

But having enough doesn’t just have to do with the number in your bank account. In fact, the feeling of having enough often has very little to do with your net worth, your income, or your expenses. The feeling of having enough comes from a much deeper place.

A Course in Having Enough will teach you how to access this deep, unlimited well of plenty no matter what’s going on in the economy or your bank account.

Join Kate Northrup for this 2-hour online event that will teach you a way to approach your finances that will yield better, more sustainable results than traditional approaches to money you may have tried in the past.

Guest Panel:

  • Celebrated spiritual teacher and best-selling author, Marianne Williamson
  • Financial expert, Barbara Stanny
  • Founder/CEO of Daily Worth, Amanda Steinberg

This course will teach you:

  • How to thrive in any economic climate
  • What love has to do with money and how to use the connection to make more money, pay off debt, and become an amazing money manager
  • Practical, no-nonsense ways to feel more free around your money immediately
  • A method of living within your means that feels luxurious instead of like deprivation
  • A shame-free approach to getting honest with yourself about money
  • A way to tune your awareness to the right station so that you see money making opportunities everywhere
  • An experience of relief that comes from having clarity and power in your financial life
  • How you can make plenty of money and still love what you do
  • The steps you can start taking to live life the way you know you were meant to live it – no holds-barred and full out

By the end of the course, you will have wired in the necessary mindset to feel abundant no matter what. When you register for this course, you’ll get two hours with Kate, plus downloadable course bonus materials, and insights from our special guest experts.

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This book guided me to fall madly in love with my relationship to money. Kate Northrup helped me become unapologetic about my desire to earn more, give more, and prosper in every area of my life. — Gabrielle Bernstein bestselling author of May Cause Miracles Stop letting money matters be a source of pain in your life. Read Money: A Love Story and allow Kate Northrup to become your new best friend as she guides you, step by step, down the financial freedom trail. Her fresh, creative approach to handling money is sure to leave you feeling empowered and eager to build the wealth you deserve. I loved this book! — Cheryl Richardson bestselling author of The Art of Extreme Self-Care Money: A Love Story is a real breakthrough book!… If you’re ready to have a new experience with money and change your financial future, this is the book for you! — Nick Ortner author of The Tapping Solution This beautiful book provides the perfect mix of theory and practice. You need your own love story with money, and these pages will lead you to romance. — Chris Guillebeau New York Times bestselling author of The $100 Startup This is the first book about finances (and life!) that I can actually relate to. Refreshingly candid, uplifting, and practical, Money: A Love Story addresses what holds us back from healing and thriving both personally and financially. I wish I had this book long ago. I can only imagine how much grief I would have spared myself. But as Kate reminds us, it’s all part of the spiritual journey to freedom and abundance. Thank you, brilliant Kate Northrup. I am deeply in love with the road map you’ve given us all. — Kris Carr New York Times bestselling author of Crazy Sexy Kitchen and Crazy Sexy Diet You may know that a healthy relationship with money is essential to attracting abundance and generating financial freedom. What you may not know is that a healthy relationship with your finances is also medicine for a healthy body. With her signature flourish, Kate Northrup teaches us to quit waiting for Prince Charming, take responsibility for our financial well-being, create success on our own terms, lean into feeling-based financial planning, and take actions toward generating revenue without trading hours for dollars. Money: A Love Story is just what the doctor ordered for your body, your soul, your business, and your pocketbook. — Lissa Rankin, MD New York Times bestselling author of Mind Over Medicine: Scientific Proof That You Can Heal Yourself This documents clients’ stories and her own experiences of getting out of debt to guide you in your quest for financial freedom. The Daily Express I finished it feeling really empowered. Soul & Spirit


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