Finance Coaching: 10 Steps to attract money with the law of attraction.

from On August 15, 2015
finance coaching 10 steps to attract money with the law of attraction

Finance Coaching: 10 Steps to attract money with the law of attraction.

Finance Coaching; Attract money, abundance and happiness can be easy if you go one step at a time. The best way to start is definitely a thought at a time. In this Finance coaching, we give you ten easy steps to help you attract and manifest the richness, abundance and happiness in your life. Try these steps and you will see how your life will change:

1. Write what you want to attract.

Think of the miracles you want to manifest in your life today, tomorrow, in a week, in one month, in six months and one year. Write them in a journal and when you write them feel positive emotions that you will have when you get these miracles in your life. By doing this, you change the neuro-connection of your brain and you expose yourself to more possibilities and opportunitiesthat will help you attract what you want faster.

2. Sleep and enrich

When you go to bed, repeat the words wealth, success, happiness, joy, laughter, money or other words that are connected to them. Repeat the words slowly and quietly for about 5 minutes. Like a lullaby, fall asleep with these words. Your subconscious will record these words and desires and thereby he will find evidence and opportunities that are in line with those words.

3. Discover what you love to do and do it.

You spend a third of your life working 8 to 10 hours a day. Find what you are passionate about and do it. This will allow you to feel a greater sense of accomplishment because this achievement is in harmony with your body, mind and spirit.

4. You attract what you believe, not what you want.

Believe that success, miracles, wealth and happiness come to you easily and effortlessly. When you believe in something, it also means that you have very strong feelings about what you want to attract in the future. See how you feel and let the positive energy come to you. This changes the neurological pathways in your mind and will create new opportunities and new miracles around you.

5. Say THANKS with gratitude.

Focus on what you enjoy every day. Enjoy the things you already have in order to receive more. Have gratitude and appreciation for your body who works hard for you, for your friends who support you and who believe in you.

6. Affirm what you want with emotions.

What you consciously affirm with emotions, gives you the emotional experience in your mind. Choose to say the right things and enter into the joy of living.

7. Do activities that will soothe your soul and your mind.

Try creative activities that interest you, such as painting, crafts, yoga or meditation. Engaging in such activities, keeps your mind in the present moment.

8. Take a long shower.

This is a visualization activity you can do when you take a shower. Feel the water run over your body from head to toe. Imagine all the abundance, wealth and success that comes to you as flowing water on your body. Imagine your body and your mind rejuvenating, feel the energy and you are ready to receive more abundance and prosperity into your life now.

9. Connect with nature.

Spend time in nature. Go camping or hiking, surround yourself with natural abundance such as trees, flowers, rivers, insects and animals. Swim in the natural abundance and attract positive energy of nature.

10. Rejoice success stories.

A good way to attract more abundance in life is to rejoice in the prosperity of others. Do not be jealous when people drive a nice car or when your colleague gets a promotion. Keep in mind that you do not get what you criticize. The only obstacle that prevents you from attracting what you want in life is your own thinking. Destroy all obstacles that prevent you from having what you want in life by following the tips above. We hope this finance coaching helped. Visit our store you will find many books about finances and the law of attraction.


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Are you ready to allow more sparkling abundance and prosperity into your life? It’s time to release blockages that impede your progress. Most people think that becoming more prosperous has to do with external conditions. However, there is a spiritual secret . . . it truly starts within YOU.

You absolutely DO have the power to turn your life around, and this high-voltage course will accelerate your path into glorious, magnificent abundance. The journey can be fun, easy, and joyful!

Over four interactive lessons, acclaimed author and teacher Denise Linn shares a wealth of incredible methods you can easily master to jump-start your glorious, magnificent abundance.

Why Denise wants to teach this course:
Denise knows what it’s like to not have enough. As a kid, her parents couldn’t afford housing so they knocked holes through the walls of an abandoned army barrack and moved in. Denise can remember many times when they didn’t have enough food and how angry her mother would get with charity from concerned neighbors. After Denise graduated from high school, she couldn’t afford to go to college right away so she worked in a truck stop washing dishes and survived on throw-away food from her work, until she could earn money for college. As an adult, her cash reserves were so low that there was a period where she and her husband and young daughter lived on corn meal (which was cheap) and fruit that fell from neighbors’ trees and they sold all of their possession just to stay afloat. Now Denise and her family live comfortably on 40 acres in the central coast wine country of California, and she fervently wants to share with you the same methods and techniques that she used to turn her poverty-consciousness into prosperity-consciousness.

In this four lesson course you will:

• Learn the biggest blockages to abundance and how to overcome them
• Discover how your childhood programming is influencing your prosperity today
• Understand and release past lives that are limiting you regarding finances
• Learn secret feng shui tips for expanding wealth consciousness
• Find out how to clear resistance out of your auric field
• Understand how you can use your physiology to dramatically reprogram for abundance
• Discover how space clearing can activate more prosperity
• Understand how your core beliefs are influencing your life and what to do to shift disempowering ones
• Learn how to call upon spiritual assistance and Prosperity Guides
• Uncover how the beliefs of your parents, grandparents, and even your ancestors are influencing you
• Heal the bloodline and release blockages in your DNA
• Discover special clutter clearing methods for glorious abundance
• Learn secrets for using affirmations and visualizations for wealth
• Find out how to program your dreams for prosperity
• Discover powerful ways that Vision Boards, Miracle Boxes, Wealth bowls, Spirit Sticks, and God Boxes active magnificent abundance
• Uncover the best way to create an altar dedicated to abundance
• Find out what stones, oils, ceremonies and spells are best for abundance
• Discover the power of allowing rather than attracting prosperity into your life
• Learn special shamanic methods, including shape-shifting for abundance

Lesson Details:

Lesson 1: Preparing the Space for Abundance in your life
Join Denise for this first lesson and learn little-known methods to clear out old limiting energy to make way for an avalanche of prosperity consciousness to pour into your life. Learn what true abundance is and why it is important on your spiritual journey. Discover how clutter clearing is modern day alchemy. You have to clear out the old to make way for the new. Discover how to make the most effective Prosperity Altar and why it works. And, learn how to powerfully prepare yourself for the 21 days ahead. Denise also shares powerful attunement exercises to activate wealth consciousness.

Bonus: How to make “Wealth Water.”

Lesson 2: Clearing Blockages to Abundance (Days 1-7)
In today’s fascinating lesson, Denise helps you clear the blockages from your childhood and ancestral family that are affecting your finances. Additionally, you’ll begin to clear limitations that you have absorbed into your auric field from friends, family, acquaintances, media, religions, and spiritual beliefs as well as the collective unconsciousness. Learn how your core beliefs and your values might be hampering your flow of abundance. Understand and release past lives that are limiting you regarding finances: karma clearing. Denise also leads you on a powerful regression into your past lives to clear blockages. And, learn special methods of clutter clearing for your abundance.

Bonus: Shamanic technique of shape-shifting to deepen your manifestation skills.

Lesson 3: Opening the Gate and Allowing the Flow (Days 8-14)
You’ll get clear on exactly what you desire in today’s exhilarating lesson. What are a hundred things you want to be, do, and have? Denise teaches you about the seeds of Creation. What do you want? Is this really what you want? Discover the magic and majesty of seeding your future with Vision Seed Collages. Learn how to make affirmations work ten-times more powerfully than ordinary affirmations. Find out what crystal, stones, oils, ceremonies, and prayers are best for abundance. Discover how to program yourself for prosperity and the true magic of Miracle Boxes, God Boxes, and Wealth Bowls. And, Denise teaches you about the power of your physiology and how to make it work for you. Acting “as if” works!

Bonus: Meeting the Spirit of Money

Lesson 4: Activate Fabulous Future of Prosperous Living (Days 15-21)
Join Denise for this final abundance lesson as she teaches you how to manifest your future. Learn remarkable potent feng shui cures and space-clearing secrets for abundance. Activate your spiritual journey, and get a letter from your fabulous future. Denise also teaches you how you can use your dreams for programming your future. Also learn how to call for spiritual assistance and connect with your Prosperity Guides. The more you have, the more you can give—discover the power of tithing and giving back to the community. Find out how to keep taking action steps to make your dreams a reality. And, you’ll create your one year, five year, and ten-year prosperity plans. Let go of lack and embrace fulfilment!

Bonus: The true magic of Miracle Boxes and God Boxes

This Online Course provides all four lesson downloads immediately upon purchase

Four mp3 guided visualization meditations to re-program your subconscious mind for more prosperity that you can listen to again and again.

Valuable online workbook to follow along with the course or print out and bind for future reference.

Bonus: As a participant, you’ll be part of a special Glorious Abundance community and will be able to interact and share ideas and insights wit your fellow Glorious Abundance participants. This is a private invitation only on the site just for you.

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