Finance Coaching: 10 Steps to attract money with the law of attraction.

from On August 15, 2015
finance coaching 10 steps to attract money with the law of attraction

Finance Coaching: 10 Steps to attract money with the law of attraction.

Finance Coaching; Attract money, abundance and happiness can be easy if you go one step at a time. The best way to start is definitely a thought at a time. In this Finance coaching, we give you ten easy steps to help you attract and manifest the richness, abundance and happiness in your life. Try these steps and you will see how your life will change:

1. Write what you want to attract.

Think of the miracles you want to manifest in your life today, tomorrow, in a week, in one month, in six months and one year. Write them in a journal and when you write them feel positive emotions that you will have when you get these miracles in your life. By doing this, you change the neuro-connection of your brain and you expose yourself to more possibilities and opportunitiesthat will help you attract what you want faster.

2. Sleep and enrich

When you go to bed, repeat the words wealth, success, happiness, joy, laughter, money or other words that are connected to them. Repeat the words slowly and quietly for about 5 minutes. Like a lullaby, fall asleep with these words. Your subconscious will record these words and desires and thereby he will find evidence and opportunities that are in line with those words.

3. Discover what you love to do and do it.

You spend a third of your life working 8 to 10 hours a day. Find what you are passionate about and do it. This will allow you to feel a greater sense of accomplishment because this achievement is in harmony with your body, mind and spirit.

4. You attract what you believe, not what you want.

Believe that success, miracles, wealth and happiness come to you easily and effortlessly. When you believe in something, it also means that you have very strong feelings about what you want to attract in the future. See how you feel and let the positive energy come to you. This changes the neurological pathways in your mind and will create new opportunities and new miracles around you.

5. Say THANKS with gratitude.

Focus on what you enjoy every day. Enjoy the things you already have in order to receive more. Have gratitude and appreciation for your body who works hard for you, for your friends who support you and who believe in you.

6. Affirm what you want with emotions.

What you consciously affirm with emotions, gives you the emotional experience in your mind. Choose to say the right things and enter into the joy of living.

7. Do activities that will soothe your soul and your mind.

Try creative activities that interest you, such as painting, crafts, yoga or meditation. Engaging in such activities, keeps your mind in the present moment.

8. Take a long shower.

This is a visualization activity you can do when you take a shower. Feel the water run over your body from head to toe. Imagine all the abundance, wealth and success that comes to you as flowing water on your body. Imagine your body and your mind rejuvenating, feel the energy and you are ready to receive more abundance and prosperity into your life now.

9. Connect with nature.

Spend time in nature. Go camping or hiking, surround yourself with natural abundance such as trees, flowers, rivers, insects and animals. Swim in the natural abundance and attract positive energy of nature.

10. Rejoice success stories.

A good way to attract more abundance in life is to rejoice in the prosperity of others. Do not be jealous when people drive a nice car or when your colleague gets a promotion. Keep in mind that you do not get what you criticize. The only obstacle that prevents you from attracting what you want in life is your own thinking. Destroy all obstacles that prevent you from having what you want in life by following the tips above. We hope this finance coaching helped. Best Regards.


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