Finance Coaching: Here are 5 steps to be richer.

from On August 23, 2015
finance coaching 5 steps to be richer

Finance Coaching: Here are 5 steps to be richer.

Today, because of the multitude of choices we all have, it is easy to get distracted from where we want to go in life. I offer you a few suggestions on how to find your path and stay on your path to great wealth, if you should choose to do so. In this finance coaching article, we share 5 steps to be richer.

1- Find your passion. You must be passionate if you want to enjoy working, take some time and educate yourself. You will become better and you will always be excited by your occupation. Those who choose their jobs based only on the working conditions, always look forward to Friday and those who choose their work by passion, are looking forward  to Monday. You will be so much more knowledgeable, more motivated and therefore more productive!

2- Decide to become the best. The salary will follow your skills and expertise. People want to pay you because you are the best. Invest a percentage of your salary in your education with programs, coaching, books, conferences, video series, seminars & internet. Increase your sales, time management, sharpen yourself. Offer more values than the competition and people will want to go with you.

3- Educate yourself financially. Books, CDs, DVDs, podcasts, coaching, follow the best, the experts. People who have success leave traces, follow and copy them. The best investment is in yourself. Before going into business, education is the best investment to make. This prevents us from errors that can cost you alot. You can monetize this investment several times with a good education. Ask an expect that already has what you want.

4- Start your business. Yes it is possible to get rich by being an employee, but it will take much more time. Having your own business is freedom, less restrictions, less limits. Being employed is an exchange of time against money. We exchange 40 hours for  money, no promotions, we can’t delegate or be affiliated. Then we can do this with our own business. We have to say 90% of rich people are entrepreneurs. You can start by working for someone doing what you like to gain experience. Educate yourself before starting. Start part time a small business on the internet and keep your job. When you make enough money with your small business, it’s time to quit your job to dedicate yourself in your business and grow. So go step by step without taking big risks.

5- Invest wisely your savings. Do not rely on the government for your retirement …Resist the instant gratification. Do not spend in passives, instead Spend in assets. 80% of people in the US who have won the lottery have lost all their gains in the following 5 years. Because they did not educate themselves and they put all their money in passives instead of looking at the assets. Use several different ways for your assets. Don’t put everything in the same boat and sink with everything you have. Use automatic system to take a 10, 20 or 30% of your income for your savings. Whether it’s a RRSP, a TFSAs, shares on the stock exchange. Have it done automatically, take an arrangement with your bank so that everytime you have an income, they put at least 10% in your savings account.

We hope this Finance Coaching clarified a few things for you. Don’t live in fear and live your passion! When we follow our passions, money will also come. Best Regards.


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