Healing Coaching: How To Forgive

from On April 5, 2016

Healing Coaching: How To Forgive

Resentment is a poison that tires you and makes nobody happy. Forgiveness is a vital act it’s to let go, move on, stop being a victim. It’s also to no longer dwell on the sense of injustice. It is living in the present. If you continue to blame the people who have hurt you, you remain somehow under their power. This is what you believe but in reality it’s your emotions that completely take power over you … They have taken on you; They dominate your life and induce your actions and reactions. As long as it lasts, you are in prison. But it is you who hold the keys to your jail … 

We must first understand that forgiving does not mean to accept what others did, but it’s to liberate yourself from the poison of resentment. Forgiving at all costs is very bad for our health, our wellbeing and our self-esteem. We can not forgive if it hurts us. There are no good or bad emotions, the only important thing is our way to manage our emotions. Because emotions allows us to know what is happening within us. The negative emotions or patterns must go out before the act of forgiveness; Anger, vengeance, guilt, All this range of emotions must be lived, by shouting, writing, or your own way to liberate your emotions (All while respecting others).

Not to do it can harm us. To Suppress and to keep those emotions within will affect us. It can damage your health and prosperity (Emotional constipation), It has to come out. We must purge these negative emotions, we must mourn. You also need to have compassion, know that everybody is trying to do their best with their limits. At this present moment, we are a certain person, we weren’t that person yesterday. and tomorrow we will be another person. because we live every minute with the new experiences and knowledge.

To go further, we must break free from this guilt or to forgive ourself for the errors of judgment. because that’s how we learned and this is how we can evolve. People around us do the same, they react to us with the best of their knowledge. Sometimes this is done through mistakes, because they thought that this was the best thing to do at that time. So they hurt us unintentionally. Each person makes the best of what they are capable of. But sometimes, that best is not the best for us. If the person repeats this type of offense, that hurts us, it’s up to us to put our barriers and limits. Explain to that person and ask them kindly to stop. If the person is receptive, they can even ask for forgiveness which removes the stress of unforgiveness. To forgive your parents, think about their childhood, they had to live when they were children. They did not have all the tools to improve themselves. Sometimes  the best way to take care of yourself is by detaching yourself completely from a person or a situation. But still sending them love and wishing them the best. To heal, we often have to move away from what is hurting us. The memory of this injury is to avoid it in the future. Forgiveness is always an act of Love, but it does not mean you will continue your relationship with that person or situation. Here is a great article if you need help cutting cords of attachment: Love Coaching: 2 ways to cut cords of attachment.

Here is the first exercise that will help you free yourself of resentment and rancor. It will be useful to settle old feuds as well as past crisis periods. Do it whenever you feel the need, when you feel that something has remained in your heart.

You can start this exercise by writing to the person what you feel about his action or about what happened. Continue with steps 1, 2 and 3. If it’s something you created yourself, do the exercise by addressing your name. The person to whom you are speaking does not have to be aware of your approach. It is within you that takes place the process of forgiveness. This is why it also applies to people who are no longer of this world. That way, you can develop with regard to others, and to yourself, an attitude of understanding which leaves the field open to true love. You can clear away difficult things you have lived and that hurt you by raising over the situation. You will finally be freed from that weight you were hanging on to for a long time, and you can start to enjoy a new freedom in your relationships with others. By Accepting the Past, you allow peace within yourself, which is a great starting point for a new and positive life.

1. Imagine that the person is in front of you. Depending on what happened, tell him/Her internally

“(Name), I would have liked that… but it did not happen. “I don’t want to stay attached to that desire. I now dissolve this expectation that I had towards you. “

2. Imagine a golden light emanating from your body.

3. Feel the energy of love spread in every particle of your body. It binds up the wounds mentioned.

Here is the second exercise to help you free yourself from resentment.

Forgiveness and Ho oponopono, what is it?

This is a technique from the Hawaiian philosophy of life, a personal development tool. What we experience and attract, is a reflection of what we have within ourselves, memories, wounds …We can attract, despite of ourselves, situations and people awakening within us these difficult memories.


– Releasing old limiting blockages.

-Create the Life we wish by improving our relationship with others.

-To Reconcile with ourself.

-To Develop a deep relationship with our inner soul

HOW? :

By repeating 4 Mantras of purification that release a powerful vibrational energy of healing

1) I’m sorry: I did not know I had this within me.

2) Forgive Me: to life, to myself.

3) Thank You: for showing me the problem.

4) I love you: Universal because now I can clean myself from this.


1) The Mirror Exercise: If you wish to practice Ho oponopono it’s that within you, you want to change, clean your memory, free others.

Position yourself in front of the mirror, look straight into your eyes, and say: “I’m ready to change my erroneous thoughts and change my point of view on life”. Stay alert to the reaction of your body, and repeat the affirmation until you “feel” your body, your soul, your cells responded. You may experience chills, shaking, crying, be moved, laughter…. Everyone reacts differently it is normal!

2)  Conscious Breathing

I breath in by visualizing the Energy of the Universe filling me. I breathe out by visualizing the elimination of my memories.

3) Clean the events of the day

Replay the scenes of the day and clean your memories. For Each memory, repeat “I’m sorry, Forgive Me, Thank you, I love you, “

4) The Art Of Reconciliation and Forgiveness-Ho’oponopono, Mantra Meditation, Hawaiian Prayer, Theta Binaural Beats

Pay attention to your reactions, some memories can resurface during this exercise. Accept these memories and repeat for each one

I’m sorry

Forgive Me

Thank You

I love you

5) When you live a difficult situation or a conflict with someone it’s that something within you, that is buried within, attracted it and the goal is to clean yourself from this so that it doesn’t return.

Think about the problem or the person which is the source of this conflict


I’m sorry

Forgive Me

Thank You

I love you


This practice is very powerful, we can also use it for others, help a sick friend, releasing an offender from the grip that the memory has on us and release him from his trouble. Practicing ho oponopono on edible foods can also increase their vibrations…This article is a brief summary of the benefits of Ho’oponopono, I invite you to take a look at the Books we mention below to learn more about this technique. Once you understand this method, share it! The more we are to clean our wounds, our cellular and emotional memory, Better life will be… Best Regards.


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The Powerful Gifts of Forgiveness
Move out of the pain from the past and into the healing gifts of forgiveness with these extraordinary teachers and authors who’ve been in the trenches of anger, loss and despair. You’ll learn how journaling can release old pain from childhood and you’ll uncover the love and freedom that is yours for the taking. Even during our most challenging times, you’ll discover the power forgiveness has to offer to your life and your well-being. Embrace this power and you’ll feel lighter, have more compassion and more love than you ever imagined.

Forgiveness 21 Days to Forgive Everyone for Everything
by Iyanla Vanzant
Too many of us feel trapped in stagnant romantic, family or workplace relationships. Weighed down by toxic thoughts and emotions, we might be quick to judge and slow to pardon, and self-righteous about our feelings as we dwell on memories of what we or others did (or failed to do). In this new book and CD, Iyanla Vanzant challenges us to liberate ourselves from the wounds of the past and to embrace the new power of forgiveness. With Iyanla’s 21-Day Forgiveness Plan, you’ll explore relationship dynamics with your parents, children, friends, partners, co-workers, bosses, yourself and even God. With journalling work and Emotional Freedom Techniques (also known as ‘tapping’), you’ll learn to live with more love; gain new clarity on your life, lessons and blessings; and discover a new level of personal freedom, peace and wellbeing. Forgiveness doesn’t mean agreeing with, condoning, or even liking what has happened. Forgiveness means letting go and knowing that – regardless of how challenging, frightening or difficult an experience may seem – everything is just as it needs to be in order for you to grow and learn. When you focus on how things ‘should’ be, you deny the presence and power of love. Accept the events of the past, while being willing to change your perspective on them. As Iyanla says, ‘Only forgiveness can liberate minds and hearts once held captive by anger, bitterness, resentment and fear. Forgiveness is a true path to freedom that can renew faith, build trust and nourish the soul.

Peace from Broken Pieces 2015- Page-a-Day Calendar Discover the Amazing Power of Forgiveness!
by Iyanla Vanzant
The teachings in the 2015 Peace From Broken Pieces calendar help us cultivate the power of peace in our daily lives. Because no matter how much money you have, no matter how great your relationships are, there are still countless things that can steal your peace when you least expect it. The key to inner peace rests in learning to shift our perception and our perspective on what’s going on – and to remember that no matter what we’re looking at, there is a higher rate of good that isn’t evident to the physical eye. This page-a-day calendar teaches us how to achieve a place of authentic, honest acknowledgment; psychological, emotional and spiritual acceptance; and positive regard and gratitude that will lead to a shift in perception – day after day after day. It reveals that there is another way of seeing, experiencing, teaching and learning that can allow us to still ourselves, discover the lesson and find the love, until being peace becomes the ultimate destination for every day of our lives. The calendar graphics are based on Ghanian Adinkra symbols. Adinkra symbols have rich proverbial meaning, and cloths decorated with Adinkra symbols are often worn in Ghana during social gatherings and on important occasions.

My Greatest Teacher Tales of Everyday Magic DVD
by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer
From bestselling author and spiritual guru Wayne W. Dyer comes My Greatest Teacher, which follows one man’s journey to find understanding and reconciliation with his past. Despite having a loving family and a fulfilling career as a university professor, Ryan Kilgore has always held deep resentment and anger toward the father who abandoned him when he was born. When these emotions take their toll on his marriage – and his relationship with his own son – Ryan realises he must confront these unhealed wounds. While at an academic conference, he embarks on a search to track down his father, Big Bob. Along the way, Ryan encounters friends and acquaintances of Big Bob, while reawakening memories of his childhood. My Greatest Teacher is an inspiring tale of how we can transform suffering and pain into forgiveness and love, and the lessons we can learn through the most difficult challenges we face.

Nurturing, Healing, Love A Mother’s Journey of Hope and Forgiveness
by Scarlett Lewis
SCARLETT’S STORY: Several weeks after Jesse’s physical body died, I found his handwriting on our chalkboard in the kitchen. It is clearly his six-year-old printing, at just the height he could reach on the board. In carefully formed letters, and phonetically spelled, it reads, “Norurting helin love” (Nurturing, healing love). Jesse’s babysitter, who was staying with us at the time, had been with him every afternoon and evening. Neither of us, including his brother, had seen him write this prophetic statement. When you read this, you know it was written by the spirit within Jesse, one that was determined to leave a message for his mom, his brother, his extended family, and the world that would comfort and inspire us. JT found a personal message from Jesse left in his room, on a piece of paper folded several times in a small rectangle. It was printed with carefully formed letters and said simply, “Have a lot of fun.” I have no doubt Jesse wanted JT, (who tended to sometimes have a more serious attitude towards life) to remember to have fun. JT treasures this; he will always know that his little brother was caring about him and had left him this gift of love.

Left To Tell 4-CD Set
by Immaculée Ilibagiza
This is my story, told as I remember it … and I remember it as though it happened yesterday. It’s a true story; I use my own name and the names of my family. This is the story of how I discovered God during one of history’s bloodiest holocausts. I wrote this book hoping that others may benefit from my story.—Immaculee Ilibagiza In the spring of 1994, more than one million people were murdered in the Rwandan genocide. This is the story of how Immaculee survived certain death, along with seven other women, by hiding in a very small bathroom for more than 3 months. Day after day, for months, the killers would search nearby – gleefully chanting “kill them big, kill them small, kill them, kill them, kill them all!” With uncommon sincerity, Immaculee shares with us her soul’s struggle through disbelief to anger and rage and, ultimately, forgiveness. She is living proof of the power of prayer and positive thinking. Her story will touch you deeply. You will feel her fear, you will cry, and you will ask yourself the same questions that we as a people have been asking forever: How could this happen? Where does such animosity come from? Why can’t we just be like God, Who is the Source for all of us? But you will also feel something else most profoundly: You will feel hope, a hope that inch by inch, we as a people are moving toward a new alignment—that is, we’re moving toward living God-realized lives. To me, Immaculee was not only left to tell this mind-blowing story, but more than that, she’s a living example of what we can all accomplish when we go within and choose to truly live in perfect harmony with our originating Spirit. —Dr. Wayne W. Dyer (from the Foreword)
Abridged • 4-CD Set • Read by Lisa Renee Pitts

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Ho'oponopono The Hawaiian Forgiveness Ritual as the Key to Your Life's Fulfillment

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Powerful yet concise, this revolutionary guide summarizes the Hawaiian ritual of forgiveness and offers methods for immediately creating positive effects in everyday life. Exploring the concept that everyone is deeply connected – despite feelings of singularity and separation – four tenets are disclosed for creating peace with oneself and others: I am sorry, Please forgive me, I love you, and Thank you. Offering practical exercises, this simple four-step system encourages readersto focus on difficult conflicts within personal relationships and heal the past. By addressing these issues, owning one’s feelings, and accepting unconditional love, unhealthy situations transform into favorable experiences. The final chapters delve into love, relationships, health, career and healing the planet.

Wings of Forgiveness Working with the Angels to Release, Heal, and Transform

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Wings of Forgiveness is a book written for anyone who is ready to release their past and find freedom from fear. Kyle has found through his personal psychic practice and work with the angels that when people are experiencing difficulties, there is one topic that helps click everything else into place – forgiveness.

Forgiveness is not an easy subject, but it is a necessary focus in spirituality and personal growth. In Wings of Forgiveness , the reader is taken on a journey – not outside of themselves, but within. They are encouraged to see and accept that they are held and cherished by the divine, that there are loving angels by their side, and master souls in heaven that have walked the path before them.

In order for forgiveness to take place, the healing must begin inside – then it can start to reflect outwards and into the reader’s life. Kyle draws on many spiritual texts, including A Course in Miracles and The Gnostic Gospels , making these sacred concepts more accessible for his 21st Century readers. Together with the angels, he will show you how to call in the power of heaven to help you forgive, release all that no longer serves you and experience joy and peace.

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