Healing Coaching: 12 Ways To Reduce Stress

from On November 17, 2015

Healing Coaching: 12 Ways To Reduce Stress

We all respond to stress differently so, there’s no perfect solution to managing stress. But if you feel like the stress in your life is out of control, it’s time to take action. Stress management can teach you healthier ways to cope with stress, help you reduce its harmful effects, and prevent stress from spiraling out of control again in the future.

No matter how powerless you may feel when you are stressed out, you still have control over your  lifestyle, thoughts, emotions, and the way you deal with problems. Stress management involves changing a stressful situation when you can, changing your reaction when you can’t, taking care of yourself, and making time for rest and relaxation. The first step is to recognize the true sources of stress in your life. In this healing coaching article we give you twelve ways to better manage stress:

1. Talk! Don’t keep your feelings and worries within. Share your fears with people you respect and who respect you in return (friends, colleagues, brother, sister, parent or coach). They can give you ideas you haven’t thought of yourself.

2. Ask for help. Make a list of your priorities and learn to delegate tasks that are of lesser importance. Yes, sometimes you need to pay people to perform these tasks for you, but remember that your health and happiness are at stake.

3. Learn to say no. Don’t let others make you feel guilty. Say YES to everything that brings you closer to your priorities and NO to everything that brings you away from them. People will love you even though you say NO from time to time. They may even respect you more.

4. Move! Go mountain biking, skating, climb a mountain or collect leaves in your yard. Playing sports and exercising regularly are great ways to reduce stress.

5. Relax. Take some time for yourself. Go to the spa, take a good hot bath or get a massage. You can also do meditation in nature, yoga, read a good book, watch a movie or listen to your favorite music. Give priority to your relaxation time.

6. Escape. Sometimes a little change of air can do wonders for your mind. Go elsewhere. Even if it’s only for one night. Rent a hotel in a place you’ve never visited.

7. Appreciate what you have. Each day, take the time to thank the universe for everything you have in your life: your health, your family, your friends, your home, your car, your job, the country in which you live, etc. Our worries seem relatively small when one is aware of the abundance around us. The majority of our stress comes from the fact that we overestimate the importance of our problems.

8. Sleep! Two out of three people don’t sleep eight hours every night of the week. This lack of sleep makes us irritable and generally decreases our efficiency in general. Prevent fatigue by resting and you will prevent stress. Make it a habit to go to bed a little earlier each night.

9. Hang out with positive and calm people. We tend to become like those with whom we associate. Flee nervous, negative people who are always sick and have lots of problems in their lives.

10. Plug into the positive. One of the best things to do to reduce your stress is to stop reading the negative newspaper in the morning and go to bed before the television news bulletin. Over 90% of news are negative and affects your mood and your attitude. Read positive books instead.

11. Help others. Improve your life quality by improving the lives of others. Volunteering will give you a sense of importance and incredible wellness. It is virtually impossible to be stressed when you are busy helping others.

12. Take risks. If you are stressed, dare to do something. Anything, but don’t let a stressful situation grow on you. No matter what you do, taking action will bring you a sense of power and control over your life and help to decrease your stress level.

If you experience stress, it’s useless to complain and to look for something or someone to blame for your mindset. You can’t change the world, but you can change yourself! Take control of your stress before it controls you. Thank you for reading this Healing Coaching article. Check out our Online course & Book suggestions below to go further in the process. Leave us a comment, we love hearing from you. Best Regards,


Online Courses Suggestions


In the midst of the joys of holiday season, many of us encounter a few unwelcome guests—stress, sadness, and/or emotional and physical exhaustion.

And, it’s no wonder! Many of us end up juggling a dizzying array of stresses—entertaining, family gatherings, baking, gift buying, busyness, pressures to pull it all off perfectly, and even the resurfacing of old memories and regrets. So much for peace and joy, right?

Now, in our new Stress Busters online series, six of the world’s most celebrated experts in stress management and mind-body wellness give you the tools you need to put an end to stress and burnout. Join Dr. Robert Holden, Dr. David Hamilton, Dr. Mona Lisa Schulz, John Parkin, Dr. Joan Borysenko, and Loretta LaRoche as they help you conquer all the components of stress—whether emotional, physical, and spiritual—so you can enjoy life and prosper both during this holiday season and throughout the year.

Over six illuminating lessons, you’ll learn:
• Ways to use stress to bring more joy and success into your life—yes, it’s really possible!
• How to replace anxiety with trust and worry with calm.
• The impact of stress on your health and how you can use your mind and intuition to improve your well-being.
• How to rise above family squabbles and stressful situations.
• What to do when old regrets or difficulties resurface.
• How to revive your hope, motivation, and energy in the midst of burnout.
• Ways to set boundaries and choose priorities so you don’t run yourself into the ground.
• How to tap into your inner optimist and laugh away stresses and problems.
• And much, much more!

Whether you want to overcome worry and anxiety, achieve new levels of healing, break free of habits that are keeping you stuck, or bring more peace and joy in to your life, this online series gives you the tools you need to conquer the inevitable stresses of life with ease and determination. Ultimately, you’ll walk away inspired and empowered with a variety of techniques to apply to your everyday life for years to come.

Lesson Overview:

Shift Happens!: The Art of Transforming Stress into Success
Robert Holden

What is stress exactly? And, is there such as thing as “good” stress, which you can use to your advantage? In this fun and hands-on lesson, Dr. Robert Holden gives you a practical definition of what stress is, and how you can use stress to enjoy greater happiness and success in your life. Robert draws upon his experience of running his government-sponsored clinic in the UK called Stress Busters. Listen in as he shares his innovative approach to stress management and gives you proven methods and creative exercises that will help you to shift your life–starting now!

The Power of Your Mind: Cutting-Edge Techniques for Quantum Healing
David Hamilton

You can actually use the power of your mind to profoundly transform your health, emotions, and life experience. In this fascinating lesson, David R. Hamilton, Ph.D., gives you his practical, cutting-edge techniques for reducing stress and boosting the health of your brain, immune system, and heart. An expert on the relationship between mind, body, and biochemistry, David teaches you the science behind how and why your mind impacts your body—right down to your genes and the structure of your DNA. He also leads you through an effective healing visualization to help you get a handle of stress and tap into the power of your mind, so you can stay calm and healthy in the midst of the holiday chaos. As you develop a deeper understanding of the mind-body principles David teaches in this lesson, you can start to exert a much more powerful effect on the health of your mind and body, for the rest of your life.

Intuitive Stress Busting: The Best Mind-Body Tools to Take Control of Your Well-Being
Dr. Mona Lisa Schulz

Stress has a way of messing with our moods, cravings, energy, and relationships. One minute we’re relaxed, energetic, or cool as a cat, but the next we might be snapping at people, on the verge of exhaustion, or raiding the snack cabinet in desperate need of something sugary. The holiday season also has a way of bringing out old family patterns and wounds, which wreck havoc on our emotional and physical health. Put an end to the madness today with acclaimed medical intuitive Dr. Mona Lisa Schulz! A distinguished leader in the field of health and intuition, she teaches you her best mind-body and medical intuitive techniques for conquering the many ailments that accompany stress and gives you strategies for cultivating more emotional calm.

Saying F**K It: The Art of Following Your Heart
John Parkin

If only the festive holidays were all ‘chestnuts roasting on an open fire’ loveliness. But they so often end badly, with stress and family squabbles, and all those wonderful expectations roasted on that open fire. There’s only one thing for it: say “F**k It” this holiday season. It’s the very power of this modern day profanity that makes it perfect for shaking us out of the stress and anxiety that dominates our daily life, especially during the holidays.

Say F**k It to the obligations you feel, and do what you fancy instead. Yes, work out what you’d really like to do, and go for it. You might end up on a foreign beach, you might end up with the same relatives, but having made the decision not to cook this time. One thing’s for sure, if you can say F**k It during the holidays, and do more of what you fancy, you can say F**k It anytime, and instantly improve your life.

Join John C. Parkin, author of the bestselling F**k It: the Ultimate Spiritual Way, to learn how to say F**k It this season. In this enlightening lesson, he takes you through all the necessary F**k It skills required in a humorous and inspiring way. You’ll come out knowing clearly what to do about the festive holidays and what to do about your entire life.

From Fried to Revived: Overcoming Burnout
Joan Borysenko

Are you feeling overworked, overwhelmed, or just plain emotionally and physically exhausted? Do you wonder what happened to your motivation, curiosity, and hope? Are holiday stresses and competing priorities starting to run you down? Burnout is a rarely discussed, but an all too common challenge that impacts many of our lives. While it looks a lot like depression, it’s not the biological boogeyman that medication or simple stress management can cure.

In this powerful lesson, Joan Borysenko, Ph.D.—a Harvard-trained medical scientist, psychologist, and renowned pioneer in stress and health—shares the latest tools for overcoming burn out. Listen in as she draws from her the fields of psychology, biology, and spirituality to give you a completely fresh approach to revive!

The Joy of Stress: Breaking the Cycle of Negativity
Loretta LaRoche

Discover the exciting possibilities of finding how to access the “Joy of Stress” and the “Bless in the Mess” in this fun and practical lesson with Loretta LaRoche! A renowned stress-management consultant who advocates humor, optimism, and resiliency as coping mechanisms, Loretta helps you explore how to embrace the hassles and frustrations in your life while maintaining an optimistic attitude. Stress can be positive or negative, and this lesson will help you focus on your strengths so that you are better able to live fully with joy as your companion.

This Online Course provides all six lesson downloads immediately upon purchase

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Clear away upsetting thoughts and emotions with the loving help of the archangels and your guardian angels during this powerful healing On Demand Lecture facilitated by Doreen Virtue. Doreen will gently guide you through Angel Therapy™ processes to release old anger, emotional wounds, or painful feelings. You’ll work with Archangel Michael, Raphael, and other healing angels to release anything that may be blocking you from your life’s purpose, peace of mind, and manifestations. In the comfort of your own home, Doreen and the angels will help you to clear negative patterns from your thoughts and emotions. By releasing these patterns, you’ll automatically begin attracting more positive relationships and experiences into your life. Doreen will discuss how to extract the positive blessings and lessons from past lives, prior love relationships, and family issues, while releasing painful residues and memories. $11

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Book Suggestions


Slim and calm.  Those short words are two of the most sought-after results many people – especially women – hope for from a new health regime. Yet in reality what they often get is irritability and weight that refuses to stay off. The De-Stress Effect turns the powerful – now well-proven – connection between stress and excess weight to your advantage, showing you how you can eat, relax and gently exercise your way to a better body for life.  Presenting the latest research on the huge impact that an over-production of cortisol has on our bodies and how we can heal this cycle, it will:
–   help you release excess weight and free yourself from the physical and mental effects of stress without starving, counting calories or overexercising
–   bring you the new science of smart, not hard, fitness that calms, energizes and sculpts the body
–   introduce you to revolutionary and satisfying high-nutrition, low-stress eating that is simple and fits in with your life, your family and your diary!
With a six-week food plan, mindfulness practices, yoga sequences and exercise routines, this book will soothe you back to a happier, healthier you, whatever your life’s demands.

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In this accessible and groundbreaking book–filled with the moving stories of real people–medical doctor and bestselling author Gabor Maté shows that emotion and psychological stress play a powerful role in the onset of chronic illness, including breast cancer, prostate cancer, multiple sclerosis and many others, even Alzheimer’s disease. When the Body Says No is an impressive contribution to research on the physiological connection between life’s stresses and emotions and the body systems governing nerves, immune apparatus and hormones. With great compassion and erudition, Gabor Maté demystifies medical science and, as he did in Scattered Minds, invites us all to be our own health advocates.

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