Healing Coaching: 4 ways to help cope with bereavement

from On August 16, 2015
healing coaching 4 ways to cope with bereavement

Healing Coaching: 4 ways to help cope with bereavement

Grief… Do we ever heal from it? It remains a bit vague. However, now is the time to take a perspective on our lives. There are probably 1,001 solutions for managing grief. In this Healing Coaching, we give you four that helps many people during this period of mourning, despite the pain and tragedy that grief brings in everyday life. Whether you have lost a loved one, a friend, a family member, spouse or even a death in the sense of losing a job or other painful loss.

1- Fully accommodate all the emotions that you go through.
Many people repress their emotions even in mourning. Some even apologized for crying. Crying is very healthy. Our body cries to clean and heal. Crying is liberating. Be angry, that’s okay too, all the emotions must be lived if we feel them. Our emotions tell us our future choices, weither we should do it or not. If we feel an emotion, then it must BE. We must live it to grow. We must welcome them and give us time to heal our wounds. By repressing them, we push a lot of things that need to be externalized, that we must live in times of mourning.

2- Celebrate the memories
Once we lived all the emotions possible. It is time to remember and celebrate all the memories lived with that person. Even a job loss, celebrate all the beautiful moments, the beautiful memories. This step feels good, you will go back through difficult emotions, but some will do you good. Remember all the incredible memories, some will make you laugh for a few minutes. Revisit these memories and remember that despite the fact that life took someone away, this life has offered you 20 years of exceptional happiness with that person. Realize that yes we can be angry against life during mourning but remember that this life allowed you to live with that special person.

3- Seize the day, seize the moment
Have you noticed that very often we live tragic events to return to the essence of life. To refocus, go to the park an afternoon, a walk in nature, breathe fully and let go. Look at a tree, insects, get back in the present moment. Unfortunately, we need to live events like this to remind us that life is fragile. After a tragic event, take time and remember to never have to live another tragic event to remind yourself to live and enjoy the present moment!

4- The dash
Between your birth year and the year of your death, there is a dash and it’s up to you to decide how you want to furnish your dash. It comes down to your decision on how you will live your life, the risks that you will take, the individuals and the causes you will support. Every time you will go down, Decide to raise. These are all elements of your dash that will determine the exceptional adventure you will live here on earth despite all these emotions such as pain, sadness & injustice. These emotions come back and everytime they do, remember that the best way to honor the life of a loved one is to well furnish your own dash. This will give you the motivation to live fully. It won’t always be easy, but remember that there is a future for you and also that you still have the chance to live this amazing adventure that is life.

Thank you for being a loyal Amethyst Coaching reader. We hope this Healing Coaching was helpful. Thank you for making this world a better place! Best regards.


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