Healing Coaching: Reasons to practice EFT

from On August 18, 2015
healing coaching reasons to practice eft

Healing Coaching: Reasons to practice EFT

In this Healing Coaching, we write about this technique i use everyday (called EFT) and the 8 reasons why YOU should also use it. It’s rare that I say someone “needs” to do something, but in this case I’m going to lay out at least 8 reasons why I think you would benefit from learning EFT. First up, for those who think I’m talking about something you do at an ATM, I probably need to explain myself. EFT is short for Emotional Freedom Technique and is, these days, called “tapping.” It’s an acupressure / affirmation technique that works to calm your energy channels and create major healing in the body. If this sounds weird to you, run with your feeling because I felt the same way the first time I was introduced to it. EFT is a technique that could literally change your life in many ways. I’m going to share 8 here:

1. You can get rid of stress and anxiety.

We all walk through life with some level of anxiety, whether it’s from external sources or from inside. Tapping can work to help calm your body’s stress centers, so you can be more balanced, relaxed and calm. Whether you believe it or not, this type of acupressure, which is what EFT is, works to create a physical state of calm with your endocrine system. And as you know, if you’re endocrine system is cool, so are you.

Visit youtube and search EFT for stress/anxiety

2. It works well for eliminating cravings.

To eliminate cravings, you need to eliminate what is causing them. Willpower doesn’t cut it. So the work is not about the craving, it’s what’s underneath. Tapping or EFT can allow you to dig deeper into what is really causing the cravings so you can stop it. Maybe you don’t feel loved. Maybe you’re unhappy with your job or relationship. Maybe you were hurt when you were younger and haven’t healed that emotional scar. Maybe you’re stuck in a neurosis about diet and you’re not getting the right nutrients. There are many issues that could cause cravings, but when you get to the center of them, not surprisingly, they go away.

Visit youtube and search EFT to eliminate cravings

3. It can help deal with all kinds of physical pain.

This is a surprising application of tapping, the elimination or assistance with physical pain. How can tapping your body help you heal something physical? Simply, because you’re tapping acupressure points. If you believe acupuncture can help you heal physical issues, then it’s not too far of a stretch to believe that acupressure could, at least, help. I’ve seen some amazing things happen when people use tapping for pain relief, like back pain gone, arthritis less painful, and headaches or migraines completely gone. The best way to believe this or not is to work with it and see if it works for you.

Visit youtube and search EFT for physical pain.

4. Get rid of phobias and fears.

The first video I saw of someone tapping, was a grainy clip of EFT founder Gary Craig working with a man who had a serious fear of water. So much, in fact, the man wouldn’t even walk near the pool. Gary tapped with the man for about 45 minutes and the man’s intense fear slowly dissipated. By the end of the session, Gary convinced the man to get into the pool and suddenly he was splashing around like a kid. Something took this person from intense fear to extreme ease. Skeptics may say it was Gary’s skill as a practitioner, but the tapping must have had something to do with it. I’m pretty sure it would have been hard to just talk-therapy the guy into the pool.

Visit youtube and search EFT for fears and phobias

5. Use it for abundance and success!

We all want to be successful in some aspect of our lives. You don’t have to be a business person to succeed, you can be a great Mom or Dad, you can do something really well, you can make beautiful things, you can create change. EFT is fantastic for breaking through issues around not feeling successful or abundant. This is how I’ve used it the most. I will find myself using EFT probably at least 2-3 times a week to break through some sort of a blockage i seem to be having in my life weither personal or business. It’s almost like I tap it away in minutes. Sometimes, of course, it comes back, but other times, it’s gone for good.

Visit youtube and search EFT for success and abundance.

6. Clear emotional stress and past trauma.

If you’re dealing with something in your past like abuse, emotional trauma, car accident, unexpected death in the family, or many other issues, you may want to try EFT to help you get some closure, or at least emotional relief. I’m not a therapist or anything like that, but I’ve seen and talked to many people who’ve said that EFT has worked much quicker on their trauma than years of talk therapy. Again, if you’re suffering, getting more tools in the belt is almost always a good thing.

Visit youtube and search EFT for emotional stress.

7. Self Esteem

Think about this. Your self-esteem was undoubtedly profoundly influenced by the reactions you obtained from others early in life, especially your family. Later, you undoubtedly internalized these reactions, made them part of your inner self and they became the basis for much of your self talk.  If they were positive reactions this was fine, but if they were not (and most people’s childhoods gave them many negative messages) your self talk can be destructive and erode your self esteem.  In this case it is as though you had a tape recorder inside your head that played back the messages that were given to you from others when you were a child. EFT is a good way to clear away theses negative messages that effect your self esteem.

Visit youtube and search EFT for self esteem.

8. Try it on everything…

The last one is the catch-all. I can’t think of many more uses — since these above pretty much cover it all — but if you think of something and you feel like it’s an issue in your life, you can tap on it. Some examples are attracting good relationships, procrastination, perfectionism, impatience, performance in sports, you name it! Best regards.

Source: http://renegadehealth.com/blog/2012/05/01/7-good-reasons-to-learn-eft

Author: Kevin Gianni


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