Healing Coaching: How to Release Your Fears.

from On March 29, 2016

Healing Coaching: How to Release Your Fears.

In This Healing Coaching article, I’ll give you this very powerful exercise to help you heal consciously or unconsciously. You have within yourself emotions that you are aware of but a large percentage of these emotions which program you, are unconscious because they would be very difficult to bear. You have not always had easy lives in the past right? Besides, you only have to look within, to assess the degree of confidence you have in life. The more your confidence in life is high, the less you have suffered, the more you have healed your fears, your sufferings. So if you can, on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being perfect, say, ” I have a confidence level of 9,” well then I say “congratulations. You have cured many of your inner sufferings. “But if you sit quietly in your favorite chair and you’re thinking.” Ah, what is my level of confidence in life? “And the figure that comes into your head is a small 2, small 3, small 4, this tells you that inside yourself there is suffering, fears and pain which must be cured.

One thing to realize, is that these fears, this pain, these sufferings wich are associated with this life or past lives are your children. You created them! You are the father / mother of these fears, this pain, these sufferings. Who else could have create them? Can you can create a fear on your neighbor? Can your child, your wife, your husband create a fear for you? You are the only person responsible for the fears you have within. You created them so they are your darling children that need to be recognized, to be healed and to be loved.

The exercise that I will give you, we’ll do it right now while we are here in good company. So imagine yourself in your chair, your favorite chair in your home. You sit comfortably, you are in peace. Now you get your consciousness into your higher Self, in your Sacred Heart, in your Light Cathedral. You enter with gentleness and love in your Sacred Cathedral of Light and you address your fears aloud. Your cells, wich have a conscience can hear, so your work is done with more depth. You understand? It’s better to talk aloud so that your cells hear what you have to say.

You show up with love and respect in your Sacred Heart. You invite all your fears / children that you have created, to come and appear in front of you. And visualize small suns coming. They come your way and they are all happy because you give them your attention. Now talk to them;

“Dear children that i’ve created in my other lives for millions of years, I invite you to appear in front of me. I invite you to appear because I consciously don’t know you. Now I want to meet you. I created you and I love you. I ask you to introduce yourself to me. Know that I have created you because I was ignorant or I was not aware of what i was doing, what I had you endure. I created you to suffer, to absorb the pain, vibrations, energies that bring pain, sadness, unhappiness. Now I want to set you free, I want to give you back the essence of light with which I created you but I want to polarize it so that it brings you joy, light, love. I don’t want you to continue to bear the pain that I created and I invite you in my Sacred Heart. There is in the center of my Sacred Heart a Light sphere of almighty love and I invite you with all my love to enter this sphere of Light that I have prepared to receive you in my Heart. I ask God the Father Creator, the Divine Mother to transform you, to give you the light attributes of Love, Peace, and Divine Perfection.

I ask the Creation to give you back your Light attributes of Perfect Love and I ask the Creator to free yourself of heavy energies that I forced you to wear for me. Now you are free! You become Light, Love, Peace, total Joy . And I ask the Creator to welcome you in its creation for the benefit of humanity, for the greater good of all Creation and I thank you for all the years that I have made you carry this burden because of my unconsciousness. I ask you to forgive me and i forgive myself. Now we are in joy, perfection for eternity. We are free and we become again what we really are. Love, Joy, Peace, Eternal Light. “

If you do this exercise every day, you’ll feel great changes in you. Since 90% of your fears are unconscious, you will be able to heal yourself with this exercise. You will feel joy growing in you. By freeing your cells, releasing all these fears / children, making them resonate with the light, giving them back to the Pure Love, you will not have to drag these energies with you, in your aura, in your body. Your vibratory rate will rise and life will flow within you. Your way of seeing life will change. You’ll feel relieved. You will have more confidence in life. You won’t be dragging all the burdens inside you, all these cannonballs that are in you, that slow your vibratory rate, which slows the Light that you are. I have perhaps taken too many elaborate words but I was trying to make you understand the mechanism that you need to heal your children / fears because you see, they are really your kids just waiting for your Love to be healed .

See your fears like little children. You can not be mean to a child, right? Even when they create big problems, we can not be mean, they don’t understand! We have the responsibility to look after our children, to help them become independent. Our greatest responsibility is to love them. So love the kids / fears you have created to heal them, convert them, release them. We hope this Healing Coaching article was helpful. Let us know if you have any questions, we love hearing from you. Best Regards.

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