Spirituality Coaching: How to obtain messages through your dreams.

from On October 13, 2015

Spirituality Coaching: How to obtain messages through your dreams.

Dreams are things that you can retain life lessons from while being in a secure state. They are not there by chance, therefore we must not ignore them. They are very accurate and they want you to see exactly what you need to know. Your dreams are very powerful, they talk to you and they even coach you. Yes, we all have dreams, question is, how are they useful? Well dreams communicate messages, like in real life. They make us live beautiful moments, some more intense then others. But one thing is for sure, they have a purpose. They make us live events like in real life, except that we have the chance to wake up and retain a lesson from it all while being back in a safe and secure state. Most of the time, when we wake up, we are very grateful that it wast just a dream. Most people dream and don’t pay attention to them. They forget their dreams (saying it was just a dream) and they don’t understand the meaning of it. Messages come to them but they are not open and receptive to understanding and retaining the meaning or the lesson of their dreams. When we know that we can receive coaching through dreams, We pay special attention to them.

How to obtain a message through your dreams?

The best way is to keep a diary/journal on the bedside table. As soon as you wake up from a dream, write down your dream. The next morning when you see your journal, you will remember that you wrote down your dream. You will then read it, analyse it and obtain advice from it. Most likely you will fully remember the dreams that are occuring just before you wake up. By questioning, and wondering what’s the message from this dream and what you can retain from it, You will find surprising answers, as if a professional was there inside of you, showing you pictures and making you feel emotions to make you understand a point of view which is useful for improving your life. Isn’t it wonderful to live a situation in a dream and learn how to better react to a similar event in real life? By learning from your dreams you will act differently in real life since you already experienced similar situations while sleeping! Another advantage we have at our disposal is to ask, before sleeping, for an answer or advice. With an open mind, we can receive the dreams that responds to the question asked. Of course, we must trust our dreams, otherwise we just block this extraordinary tool.

The interpretations are different from one person to another. Dreams often use unique symbols, or languages for you to understand. This is your subconscious speaking to you, communicating with you in a figurative language connected with your life experiences. For example: you dream that you lose your shoes. The shoes here are a significant symbol between you and your subconscious. Sometimes the symbols are more general and other times they are very specific and significant to you. We could say that losing your shoes is a lack of affection or insecurity, but the answer depends on the meaning that shoes has for you. Perhaps the meaning of losing your shoes for you is a feeling of being stuck at the same place… The meaning for you will be filtered through your traditions and your beliefs. Another example; If shoes are a religious symbol for you, the meaning would be different. By taking the time to analyze your dreams, you’ll learn and understand more and more the language of your subconscious.Also, if you always have the same nightmares,they are exactly like your living patterns. They are present and are repeated to remind us of our blocks, our fears, our old negative patterns in our subconscious. The dreams return and alert us that something is not resolved. They want us to face our fears and often they remind us to  take care of our inner child so it’s freed from it’s old traumas. Often, analyzing our dreams, brings back to the surface old feelings like: abandonment, lack of confidence, betrayal, fear ect. By following these warnings, your task would be to cure this. You have the power to do so, take a course on self confidence, call a professional or a coach and heal your inner child who’s suffering. Doing so will change your life in a positive way. Your inner child will thank you and you will start attracting better things in your life. That’s why you should take your dreams seriously, listen to them, analyse them and learn from them…

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