Kids Coaching: 40 positive phrases to tell kids to bring out their full potential and talents.

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kids coaching 40 positive phrases to tell your kids

Kids Coaching: 40 positive phrases to tell kids to bring out their full potential and talents.

Certainly words can become meaningless when they aren’t followed with action, but nonetheless, words  have great power. You can choose to add more positive ones to your days. Coming up with a few encouraging or positive phrases can be part of tipping the scales towards the kindness you want your kids to imitate. In this kids coaching we give you 40 phrases to tell kids;

Consolidate confidence

You can find, you can understand.

You have the right to choose for yourself, you can make your own choices.

You can think, you can create, you can ask questions

When you possess reading and writing, you can be the king or queen of the world.

You can manage all situations, complicated or easy.

You can start, you have everything you need to do so.

You have ideas and solutions. You can use them and share them.

You can do it.

You can feel the pride of accomplishment and rewarded efforts.

You’re a researcher, you’re an explorer.

You know many things.

You have a great treasure within you.

You have every opportunity to go where your dreams lead you.

I have total trust in you.

You are perfect the way you are

Encourage creativity

Look and see what is happening around you.

Creativity takes you everywhere and allows you to progress and gain freedom.

You have an infinite creative potential.

Give the best of yourself.

How do you feel it?

What’s in it for you?

When I say that, how do you feel and see it in your head?

Tell me why.

And you, what do you think?

Giving the “power” to children

What would you do to change the world today?

What is your dream? How can you  realize it?

You change the world, we change the world.

How can you bring your unique talent in the world to make it better?

What has meaning, significance for you?

When things make sense,You put your heart and love into it.

When you do it with love, you are always successful.

Strengthening solidarity

You learn from others.

You’re even more creative with others.

I take care of myself and others, you can do it too.

Let’s seek to understand and discover together.

You can enrich from others.

I recognize your qualities that I do not have, you know my qualities you do not have, we are complementary. We will do more if we work together!

We’ll find a solution together.

Together we are stronger.

We need all the differences in eachother.

We hope this Kids Coaching Helps you to be a better person for the kids in your life. Take a look at our store where you will find books on Kids Coaching. We also have online courses on the subject. Best Regards.



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