Kids Coaching: 7 Tips To Explain The Law Of Attraction

from On March 8, 2016

Kids Coaching: 7 Tips To Explain The Law Of Attraction

Have you ever wondered what your life would have been if we had given you the right tools to be successful at a young age? Would your life be different today if someone had explained how to use the law of attraction to get anything you want … at the age of 8? What if I told you that it’s possible for your children, to apprehend the techniques of the Law of Attraction in a simple and fun way. Imagine what the life of your children will be if they start, now, consciously, to create their ideal future. If you have children (or that there are children dear to your hearts around you) why not introduce them to the law of attraction while they are young? Children are generally more receptive. Indeed, they haven’t yet been contaminated with a significant emotional baggage or limited beliefs (usually anchored since childhood) like adults. That’s why you can, immediately, start to teach your child to use the law of attraction. Anchor the Law of Attraction in their habits so they can use it naturally, without any emotional or psychological barrier, throughout their lives, so that they become accomplished in all areas.

Kids Coaching: Here are 7 tips to explain the law of attraction.


To begin to help them discover the law of attraction, teach your children to analyze their emotions. Explain the power of words and how they affect their mood. Ask your children to describe how they feel when they evoke a positive attitude. Let them say for example: “I’m happy” aloud. Then they will do the same but with a negative sentence like: “I can’t.” Your children will quickly realize that positive affirmations are best for them.


If you want to teach the law of attraction to your children, talk to them about sharing. When you encourage your children to share their toys (or to give to less fortunate children), you also teach them how to let go and detach from material things. The cycle Give-receive will initiate a current, a flow of abundance in their lives.


To attract something in life, it’s important to be grateful for what you already have. If you teach your children to appreciate all the good things they have in their lives, it will provide a good way to open the doors of abundance. You can do this little exercise: every night before going to bed, ask them to name ten things they are grateful for. Often they will name more than 10, you’ll see!


Your children are also stressed. Let them discover meditation or yoga. This is a good way to help them manage their emotions. They will learn to relax and be more receptive, more open …


The law of attraction also passes by visualization. It’s an exercise that children generally have no difficulties in this practice because they always do it when they play. Show them how to focus on their dreams by creating visual pictures. Draw together a “treasure map”: prints or cut out from magazines, things that really matter to them and stick them on a board they can hang in their room to think about it very often.


You also have to make efforts if you want your children to let in their lives the Law of Attraction. For example, if you need to reprimand your child or tell him “no”, avoid using words like “don’t be too late” or “don’t forget to do your homework” … Instead, Have recourse to positive expressions: “remember to do your homework”, “remember well the time you have to return” …


What better way to define their lifestyle buy adopting it yourself? By showing example, by adopting the law of attraction as a lifestyle, you are ensuring that they understand it in a more efficient way. With these tips, you will bring your children in a smooth way to the path of success. Remember you will have to explain in a simple way, with a state of mind focused on abundance. And remember, it is not enough to tell them about the law of attraction once. Children grow, learn, see new things constantly. Learning and using the law of attraction, like all the other things they have to learn, one step at a time, slowly, to the rhythm of each child, by looking for the positive in everything. We hope this kids coaching was helpful for you and all the children in your life. We have Books and online course suggestions below if you feel you need help to bring the Law of Attraction into the lives of your children. Best Regards.


Online Course Suggestion

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Everyone says the future is in our kids, right? Well, isn’t it time kids too learn the crucial skills of setting and achieving goals? What about the Law of Attraction then? Hardly ANY school teaches those things, and I’m not so sure we can afford to wait any longer.

What if you could:-

Show your kids how they can finally make their wishes come true

Help your child experience systematic accomplishment again and again (after you’re done, you’ll know for sure they will ALWAYS be okay…)

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Give your child a TRUE SENSE OF PURPOSE (it’ll carry them through thick and thin, for the rest of their lives)

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Book Suggestions


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In his fourth book for children, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer focuses on the topic of excuses and how they can do more harm than we realize. The book demonstrates how excuses go far beyond “my dog ate my homework,” and can actually become words that prevent your child from reaching his or her potential. The book follows a boy with a seemingly impossible dream who almost lets excuses (“I’m not smart enough” . . . “It’s too hard,” and so on) get in his way. He discovers, as will your child, that by following a few simple ideas and eliminating excuses . . . anything is possible!


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Following in the footsteps of Dr. Wayne Dyer ‘s first children’s book, the bestseller Incredible You! this work goes even further toward expressing Wayne’s positive message for children. In Unstoppable Me!Dr. Dyer teaches children how to hold on to the no-limit thinking he believes they were born with, rather than just trying to ‘fit in.’ In doing so, they can learn to truly enjoy life and become unstoppable as they strive to attain their dreams. The 10 important lessons in this book include the value of taking risks, dealing with stress and anxiety, and learning to enjoy each moment. Each point includes an example showing how a child might apply the concept in his or her everyday life. Similar to Incredible You! there are questions at the end of the book to help spark discussion and to further reinforce Wayne’s message.


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Give a child gifts that will last a lifetime – self-esteem, tolerance, values, and inner strength. This book is filled with inspirational stories for children and their families to share, all about kids making good choices and doing the right thing. The values that children learn today will stay with them for the rest of their lives. This collection gives kids positive role models to follow in its 101 stories about doing the right thing and making healthy choices. You and your child will enjoy discussing the stories, making it a family event. Great for teachers to share with students too.

Oracle Cards Suggestion


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With their pure and open hearts and minds, children can effortlessly connect with their guardian angels. Each of the 44 cards in this unique deck is easy to read and is a tiny size that fits in young hands. The accompanying full-size guidebook, designed especially for little ones, provides a safe, nondenominational, and positive way for you and your children to discuss how God’s angels protect and guide us all. You can do card readings together and grow even closer on your spiritual path. Doreen Virtue has made sure that the messages and delightful images are all age-appropriate and relevant to children’s concerns and daily life.

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