Kids Coaching: The Ten most Common mistakes from Parents

from On November 3, 2015

Kids Coaching: The Ten most Common mistakes from Parents

Why am I sharing this information? Because I think it’s relevant in this age of helicopter parenting.  While I find it great that today’s parents are more invested in their kids lives than previous generations, our involvement can go overboard. What we may justify as “good parenting” can hurt our  kids later. Unless we’re mindful of that, it’s easy to handicap them by making their lives too easy.  We’ve outlined 10 common mistakes that parents today often make. My intention isn’t to point fingers, but to raise awareness. Kids Coaching: The ten most common mistakes from parents

1.  Only Thinking about the Future

Since being parents, we started to play Lego blocks again. We also discovered  new kinds of modeling dough and we became chorists every time we started to sing. Enjoy the present moment rather than think only about the future! What will happen tomorrow,  next week or the next vacation in 10 years is not essential  when someone has kids. When your kids are all grown up, you won’t have any good excuses for spending  money in toy stores or sing loudly in public.

2. Do everything for them

Someone once said “Prepare your child for the road, not the road for your child.”  Ann Landers also said “It is not what you do for your children, but what you have taught  them to do for themselves that will make them successful human beings.” Being parents is a golden opportunity to teach your kids to create, manage and run their joys and sorrows. They will come out better than if we give them the false impression that everything is easy in life

3. Always say outloud what we think

Transparency is not as simple as it looks. We can say a lot of things to kids, but we can’t expect them to understand like an adult would. For example, if you awlays speak badly about your mother or your grandmother, they will believe that this is what adults do and this is how they will treat you later. So when you have nothing good to say about someone, say nothing.

4. Being too competitive

If we tell kids that this person is not good enough for them, or that this familly is less “this or that” then our family and that we must always win at all costs, our kid will never learn to lose or win. He will not learn to compromise, to accept that friendship has it’s ups and downs, or to make efforts to achieve its goals. During childhood, it is perhaps less obvious, but as an adult, he will appreciate this tolerant understanding of the world around him.

5. Raise kids we would like to have and not the kids we have

Kids have a personality of their own at birth. It’s often when we have a second child that we become aware of that. Kids are often poles apart from each other. It is for us to adapt our methods of education to the personality of our children, not vice versa.

6. Underestimate the importance of our presence

Often talk with your kids. Spend time with them every day. This presence and value transfers ​​are what will make the difference when they hit a wall in their twenties and they have to recover. Each short lesson we teach them every day will eventually make their lives easier and their hearts lighter.

7. Judge other parents and their kids

Let’s start by agreeing on a fact: No one is perfect. Yet it is really tempting for a parent who wants to give the best to his kid to judge parents who make much less for their own kids. But since we are not in their shoes, it would be judging before knowing the context and circumstances. Moreover, we often judge others much less when we are going through tougher times! If you can’t stop yourself from judging others, you can choose to keep what you think for yourself.

8. Put pressure on introverted kids

Your Facebook announces “Watch this 6 year old girl who sings a Whitney Houston song to perfection! “And when you see your child’s teacher at the end of the day, and says, “Your kid has few friends, he would have to learn to reach out to others” … Even if “extroverts” are highly valued right now, it’s better to respect the fundamental personality of kids who love taking their time and prefer the discretion over the attention.

9. Forget the importance of the family

Meetings and family celebrations that allowed the extended family to meet regularly are in decline. Yet those who have experienced big families miss these lively family reunions where all the kids played together. Kids need to develop family links that will bring them to their roots all their lives. Cousins ​​and second cousins have all their importance at this level, so they might as well be childhood friends!

10. Blame our kids for our own mistakes

If a child is speaking in an arrogant way to us, maybe he’s just using the same tone we used ourselves for months with him because we have a difficult relationship!? It’s up to us to change the tone and bring harmony in our conversations. Kids watch us, if you want them to be “marvelous” it is for us to be “marvelous” too.

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