Kids Courses

Help your child discover exciting capabilities and skills that they never knew they had…  $59 


Don’t let your child’s anxiety continue to get in the way of the life they deserve. Learn how you can help your child BREAK the cycle of fear and take back the happy childhood they deserve! $97

kids coaching self-confidence course 2

Become a Certified Self-Esteem Coach for Children and Learn the Life-Impacting Secrets to Champion Kids. $147

Don’t miss Lightening the Mother Load. Dr. Northrup’s unique curriculum includes proven ways to lighten and heal your relationship with your mother—and improve your health. $199

Hay House Books for kids. Make sure your kids read something that will change there lives positively. Starting at $11.66

Cure Child Anxiety

 The award winning Turnaround program can help your child overcome his or her anxiety. The Turnaround program is professionally developed, very kid friendly, and proven effective (through independent research) in helping children overcome their anxious fears. Starting at $129