Life Coaching: 10 reasons to get out of your comfort zone

from On February 23, 2016

Life Coaching: 10 reasons to get out of your comfort zone

Many people think that the comfort zone is all these pleasant situations that bring pleasure into our lives. But this is not the exact definition; the comfort zone, is this set of situations, positive or negative, to which we are accustomed to and which constitute a routine. Because of this routine, we don’t ask any questions, we don’t think, and we don’t take decisions. The only comfort that this zone brings is inertia. The comfort zone is a kind of bubble in which we take refuge to make sure that nothing changes. Even if we complain and even if sometimes things seem overwhelming, we continue to live with these fears and this facility that eventually become habits. And the price to pay is not small… To not come out of our comfort zone, is almost giving up on life, on personal development. We continue to live like this, to vegetate, and meanwhile, years pass by, and the more time passes by, the more our life becomes impoverished. Read the rest of this article, and you will discover the importance of something essential: Come out of your comfort zone.

1. You will discover potentialities you didn’t even know existed

It’s amazing all you can discover from the moment you dare to do something out of the ordinary, from the moment we decide to aim for a goal we believed was not capable of achieving. In each and everyone of us lies abilities that are just waiting for one thing: the opportunity to manifest. Only exceptional situations require the best of us, and it’s when we discover that we can do many more things than we believe that things change.

2. You will manage to be more flexible

If you adopt only one single point of view, without realizing it, you lose sight of many aspects of reality, perhaps the most profitable, the most interesting of all. Step out of your comfort zone, you have the opportunity to take a fresh look on yourself but also on your life. This results in greater flexibility in your appreciations and your way of living; in other words, you are more able to adapt to different situations. And who says greater adaption says greater ability to overcome difficult moments of life.

3. You will have more confidence

When you discover that the only thing that was missing until now, was decision making and that in reality, you are able to do many more things than what you believed, your confidence will immediately amplify, and you realize everything you were afraid of. Lack of confidence feeds itself in this tendency to not dare. If you ask yourself fewer questions and you act more, you can go much further than you imagined, and you will feel a greater appreciation for who you truly are.

4. You will get rid of your fears

The greatest fears are born from indecision and inertia. Fear creates its own vicious circle: you’re scared, so you don’t move forward, and therefore you stay where you are. And by not trying anything, fear settles in and grows in you. Most of the time, if not all the time, the simple fact of acting dissipates fear. Generally, fear fades as we advance. The only difficult thing is to get started, and if you do, you will see that many of these great fears will disappear.

5. You feel that your life is more thrilling

By daring, you establish in your life an adventure and challenge sensation. But The routine weakens that sensation, since everything is predictable … and so boring. But change stirs the emotional world. Pleasant feelings are rekindled, just like the surpise effect, curiosity and the thirst of discovery.

6. Your creativity and intelligence will intensify

Even great minds are stagnant if not stimulated constantly. The mind is like a muscle: it needs to exercise to function well. But the routine requires a minimum of intellectual capacity. It is the same for creativity; only new situations provoke new answers and new solutions. To come out of your comfort zone, provides an opportunity for creativity and intelligence to manifest.

7. Your desires to live will grow

When your life ceases to be an eternal repetition of similar days, it becomes much more interesting and worth living. If you feel more in tune with yourself and that little by little, you discover that you are able to do more things than you thought, surely your respect for life does increase.

8. You will develop a better way to bond with others

To have good relationships with others, above all, we need to feel in harmony with what we are and what we do. Getting out of your comfort zone, discovering yourself, conquering your fears and feeling happier to live, will promote better relations between you and others. You will see that conflicts will be less frequent, and that you will be able to see the good side of every person.

9. You will enjoy the present moment

To enjoy the present moment, is a form of fullness. When efforts, attention and enthusiasm are focused on the present moment, it’s the perfect time for self-realization. Get out of your comfort zone, and you won’t do anything else but enjoy the present moment; if you want to overcome this new situation which extends in front of you, all your attention and all your involvement is necessary.

10. You will become more independent

By having more confidence in yourself, you will realize that your need from others will be different; they will become a wonderful complement to who you are. Independence strengthens confidence, and allows you to realize more intensely the value of freedom.

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