Life Coaching: 3 Simple ways to Be Happier

from On December 22, 2015

Life Coaching: 3 Simple ways to Be Happier

Happiness is something everyone wants, because where happiness is concerned, too much is never enough. Happiness is an elusive goal; everyone seems to want it, but if it were easy to attain, the whole world would be happy and we wouldn’t need to keep searching for it. It’s not easy to be happy sometimes, but there are some tips that we can apply to make us happier. So doesn’t it make sense to create habits and build a lifestyle that allows you to feel more satisfied  and more fulfilled? Here are three simple ways you can change your life and make your days just a bit more joyful:

1. Write every morning at least five things for which you feel gratitude for.

This can be very simple, no need to dig deep. It could be for example: ” I feel gratitude because I have a warm bed and that’s not the case for everyone.” Or: ” I am grateful because the sun is shining at this time and it feels so good,”  ”I am grateful because  I have a spouse who loves me and whom I love.” Etc… Take just a few minutes and write down what you appreciate in your life. The simple fact of living this emotion of gratitude will raise your energy and you will live happier.

2. Write every night 5 success you had during the day.

Once again, think of the little things, this could be for example: ”I wrote my five gratitudes this morning,”  ”I read for an hour a book for my business,”  ” I was positive all day.” This is going to help you to see the positive in your life and it will also help you feel more gratitude. You will realise and see that, everyday, you have small and large success which raises your level of self love at the same time.

3. Write 5 gratitudes every night, right after writing your 5 success.

Write 5 things you enjoyed and appreciated during the day. This could be: ” I feel gratitude for the positive energy I had during the day.”  ”I feel gratitude for the smile of a passerby.” There is always something to appreciate everyday…

These 3 very simple steps will redirect your brain towards higher vibrations. This will be like a command to your brain to be more aware of the positive in your life. Your brain will start searching naturally and you will attract more reasons to feel gratitude for because your brain will love that feeling. We hope this Life Coaching article was helpful. If you want to go further, take a look at the online course & Book Suggestions below or you can also browse our site for more suggestions. Feel free to write a comment, we love hearing from you! Best regards.


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– What inner practices will support me in living a flourishing life?

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Questions are a celebration of human inquiry. Societal structures have, however, profoundly conditioned our answers to what it means to live a meaningful life, to thrive and be a beneficial presence on the planet. Michael will facilitate the questioning of your existing solidified opinions, beliefs and perceptions as he compassionately guides you into aligning your matrix of mindsets and heartsets with universal principles, into reclaiming your own inner authority and the inner practices that contribute to an ever-evolving existence as a spiritual being having a human experience.

Lesson 2: Embodying True Abundance
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If you look around your life and see scarcity and want, then Michael Bernard Beckwith has good news for you. “The Divine is offering its entire treasure house to you right now,” he teaches. “Happiness, health, love–and yes, money–are all manifestations of what the universe has to give.” Living from the Overflow is the latest offering from this inspiring teacher, with more than six hours of insights and practices for tapping into the “super-abundance” of Spirit. Listeners will learn how to apply Beckwith’s principles of plentiful living to their health, relationships, financial needs, and spiritual growth. Here is a complete workshop to help us stop seeing ourselves as beings who acquire things–and realize our true nature as vessels through which Spirit constantly flows.

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