Life Coaching: 5 strategies for a well balanced life.

from On June 7, 2016

Life Coaching: 5 strategies for a well balanced life.

Your time is limited. Wanting to do everything or having to do everything yourself does nothing but tap into your resources and impose an inseparable companion: stress. Learning to lead your life in a balanced way is fundamental to concentrate, achieve your goals and become the person you want to be. A first step would be to learn to say no when someone asks you to keep a commitment that takes your time and imbalances your expectations. While this may seem difficult, knowing to say no can help you maintain a more balanced position. Indeed, the commitments that we must keep often provoke too much stress within ourselves.

The following strategies will help you to find balance, to lighten your schedule, to relieve everyday stress and to take control of your own life.

1- Reduce clutter around you.

A balanced life is an orderly life. Start by sorting out what’s around you, by eliminating everything you don’t need and everything that requires you to do some extra work. It’s much easier to maintain a clean and orderly room if we only keep the essential and what’s easy to clean and handle. The liberation that you will experience by arranging and simplifying what is around you is the same liberation you feel when doing the same with your life. Don’t make excuses by saying that you have no one to help you and you’re tired of always having to do everything yourself. Lead by example and find ways to make it easier to keep everything in order, both outside and inside.

2- Delegate

It’s very difficult to keep everything in control, both personally and professionally. Wanting to organize and supervise everything causes stress and anxiety, especially when others realize that all the responsibility rests on you. Trust the people around you and delegate some responsibilities. Tell them what you want and what you expect from them, but leave them the freedom to act as they please, because they will feel more comfortable as well. Set aside perfectionism, be flexible and enjoy the work done.

3- It’s better done then perfect

The same rules apply to you. Be flexible and try to do things as best as possible, leaving aside perfectionism. Give the best of yourself at every moment, and don’t persist in doing the same thing but a little better, if what is done is sufficient. If you can take shortcuts, take them. Complicating your life to do something does not necessarily mean benefice or better results. Know how to identify your priorities and devote them most of your time, by looking for ways to make everything else simply.

4- Live in the present, think of the future goals.

You live your daily life today and you must plan it to benefit from it. When you start to work, remember that tomorrow is another day and that everyday will always be followed by another one. Planning our daily life by seeking balance on a personal level is a habit that we harvest fruits from in the short, medium and long term. It’s not a question of drawing a huge plan. It’s about planning day by day while thinking of your future goals and the psychological, emotional and physical consequences. Every decisions you make today will have an impact on how you will feel tomorrow.

5- Awaken the child within

Do you remember when you were a child and everything seemed fun? When you were doing things for fun? We should not do everything only to obtain external rewards, such as a degree, a job, a remuneration or financial compensation. Don’t deprive yourself of anything amusing or that gives you satisfaction. While this does not directly improve your financial or professional situation, this will provoke within you a positive mindset that can easily contaminate the other facets of your life. Having fun, playing and exploring will help you relax your mind and lighten the weight you carry every day. This will allow you to come back full of energy, with new ideas and your head full of courage.

Awaken the child within you, the one who does things by pure distraction and takes advantage of the most simple and authentic things. Thank you for reading this life coaching articles. Best regards.


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