Life Coaching: 5 Tips to better manage your time.

from On May 4, 2016

Life Coaching: 5 Tips to better manage your time.

Do you feel like you run constantly, never doing enough and being continually overwhelmed? Lack of time is now one of the biggest stressors, yet there are simple rules to stop getting overwhelmed. Here are 5 tips to better manage your time;

1- Plan your day

Plan your day before it starts, using a day plan, or a daily plan, note your priorities for the day in your agenda. From the night before, the simple fact of taking a look at your week and to note 3-5 priorities for the next day will help you visualize your day, free up your memory and will work your subconscious overnight.

2- Losing time to win some

Remember this: “I am taking some time to manage my time.” We must indeed accept to “lose” a little time each day to win some. And to plan is to save time. A recent study found that by devoting eight minutes per day to plan, we could gain an hour in the day. The idea to remember is that the more we have to do, the more time you have to take to plan! Yet we all have this natural tendency to do exactly the opposite, seized by panic of not achieving “everything” to do. A panic that eventually paralyze us and deprive us of any lucidity to move forward and accomplish our priorities of the day.

3- Learn to set boundaries

To well manage your time, you have to set limits. To ourselves first. And then to others. Here are some applications that are based on the professional life but that are transposable to personal and family life:

A- I fix a length of time for everything. You must write a press release? Give yourself a specific time to do it.

B- During an appointment, I warn my interlocutor, from the start, time i have available. By setting limits, the meeting will be organized automatically without overflowing.

C- Same for phone conversations I immediately give my time limit: “I have X minutes”.

D- Another tip: Don’t give appointments to the dot, but at 9h15 instead of 9h, 14h15 instead of 14h30. Effect guaranteed!

E- I note the key points of what was said during a visit or even a phone interview (a sort of “statement of conclusions”) immediately after the interview, and I carry it on my agenda. (it frees the mind and prevents forgetfulness).

F- I define times of unavailability, zones of non-interruption by setting for example niches of one or two “quiet hours” per day, door closed if you have a separate office, no phone, no email and… no children nearby if you are at home!

The quiet time at home will do you good but will also be good for your child who will benefit from it, isolated in his room to rest, read or play quietly.

4- Know when to say no

Saying no is difficult (except between 18 months and 3 years). It is even more difficult for some than others because our ability to say no is directly correlated to the knowledge of our deepest needs and values, and more directly, to our self-esteem. The better our self esteem is, the easier it is to say an assertive No, serene, unaggressive at the demand of someone. This No is easy because it keeps you in harmony with yourself. Saying no is an essential skill to develop imperatively to set boundaries and manage time effectively. This corresponds to granting the right to refuse a request or demand. In some cases, the most difficult is not to say no but not to say yes! Let me explain: in my case for example, I have never had any trouble saying no to someone, in a diplomatic and respectful way of course, if the demand seems inappropriate or does not correspond to my needs or my current priorities. However, I am wary of my enthusiastic nature and my attraction to challenges of all kinds, which leads me, most of the time, to get carried away and take more than i should in new proposals. If you’re like me, the best defense for your natural enthusiasm would be to delay your response a few days: Set a rule to never give your consent right away. Allow yourself a few days of reflection and weigh the pros and cons of your commitment. It will be easier, when your mind is rested and calm, To measure whether you can actually assume this new responsibility in your schedule and especially if it is worth it, given the priorities you have set.

5- Tutorial to lighten your schedule (agenda) in less than 5 minutes

When you feel overwhelmed, you feel you no longer are in control, physically or psychologically, have no scruple to lighten your calendar.


A) We open our agenda.

B) Pîck up the phone.

C) We cancel (or postponed to a much later date) our appointment.

D) We breath!

It’s simple but extremely effective! And you’ll see, nobody will die. The earth won’t stop turning. And enjoy the time you just freed instantly, in your calendar, and also in your mind! You will notice, whether it’s to set limits, knowing to say no or to lighten your agenda, everything is based on choice. And to Choose is to be free. I could talk about time management pages and pages, but that’s not the point.

I want you to remember one master-idea: Managing your time rests essentially on your ability to make CHOICES and to set limits, in line with your values, respecting your priorities, and the affirmation of who you are. Understand it, experience it, integrate it into your daily life and it will allow you to take over the organization of your time. We hope this Life coaching article was helpful. Let us know if you have any questions, we love hearing from you. Best Regards.


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