Life Coaching: 7 steps to find your life purpose.

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life coaching 7 steps to find your life purpose

Life Coaching: 7 steps to find your life purpose.

So many people around the world are realizing that they can’t work by doing tasks that do not nourish the soul. We also realize that we are at our best when we’re doing something we love. This is where your life mission begins!! It’s good to contribute and feel as if you were doing your small part to make the world a better place. Imagine a world where everyone lives their life’s purpose, doing what they really love. Things would change quickly! In this Life coaching, we give you 7 steps to follow in order to know your life purpose.

1. Stop searching

You will never “find” your life purpose. It’s not written on a piece of paper somewhere, or on the agenda of a cosmic entrepreneur who assigned you to Earth for a purpose. Your purpose is within you. When you believe that it is in some external part, you disempower yourself because this belief implies that the other needs to give you or assign you your purpose. The process of remembering your mission is an introspective process. When you realize this, you will find your inner source of power.

2. You choose, grow or survive?

Decide now if you are here on this earth to thrive or survive. The space between the two does not exist. You live every day with an intention, and every day you choose to simply survive or grow, evolve and prosper. This choice will be the foundation of your goal.

3. Accept One Goal

If you are at this step, it means that you have given yourself a goal! If you have chosen to “thrive”, this means that every decision you make from now on should improve your life in one way or another. Step back and take a look at your life. Do the people in your life bring you happiness? Do these relationships raise you most of the time? Or are they toxic? Do you love your career? Are you passionate about your hobby? If it can help you, make a list of your daily routine. Start with what you do when you wake up in the morning, next to each activity, make a check mark whether or not this action makes you a more healthier, happier or a better version of yourself. Don’t judge yourself, this step must be done to make you aware.

4. Find your passion

This is the fun part! When you are passionate about something, the hours pass by without you remembering. When you do things you are passionate about, it energizes you, excites you and gives you energy. Remember what you liked to do when you were a child. When you find at least three things you love to do … do them! This week, take time to do what interests you. Rekindle the spark!! While you do the activities, fully feel the passion in you. Let yourself swim through it and Always remember why you love these activities in the first place.

5. Make your passion your priority!

No one else is going to rearrange your schedule to make sure you are doing what you love to do. Make sure you spend at least 1-2 hours a week doing something that interests you. These activities will make you feel alive. Get involved in your schedule to incorporate activities that interests you. After all YOU have control!

6. Along the way there will be obstacles to overcome

It is at this point in the process you will encounter the most resistance. You probably feel the fear, the feeling of not being enough, and a lack of motivation. You will also notice a lack of support from family and friends. Don’t be a prisoner of inner and outer drama. Your only job here is to commit to the cause and to persevere – barriers are a normal part of the process. If you did not have obstacles, you would already be in the process of living your dreams! Do not let the resistance and fear outweigh your desire to succeed.

7. Practice, Practice and Practice

Here is where many people are stuck. They expect to be the expert authors, painters, and athletes as they begin to practice. If you are passionate about something, practice is not going to give you the impression of working. It will be fun. With enough time and experience, you embody what you have viewed. Do not let the initial difficulties discourage you. You feed through them and learn from these challenges instead of letting them overcome you.

We hope the above life coaching article about life purpose has given you the clarity and direction on how to assign yourself a purpose or mission. Remember your passion and live the fullest! Visit our store where you will find many books on this subject. Thank you for reading this post and make sure to read the upcoming posts related with life coaching.


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Every one of us has both a personal self as well as an impersonal aspect to our being. Your personal self, or your personality, is being directed at all times by your mind and your five senses.  Your impersonal self, that infinite intelligence within, is being directed by something far greater than you can imagine.  When you connect to your impersonal self, the answers you seek come and your life purpose unfolds naturally and easily. This impersonal self is NOT your intellect and body. It is the invisible intelligence that animates all of life. It is responsible for all of your desires. It allows your fingernails to grow, your heart to beat, and it is the life force that supports all of life everywhere.

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Immaculée Ilibagiza, survivor of the Rwandan Holocaust, came to realize the life-giving power of forgiveness.  During immense pain and fear during the Rwandan Holocaust, Immaculée came to know God and the true essence of who we are and why we are here.  In her book, Left to Tell, Immaculée eloquently relays her harrowing experience that led to her full understanding of the power of forgiveness.

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In this enlightening lesson you will begin to see yourself and others without criticism or judgment. You will start to see your impersonal-self more clearly, inviting more lightness into your life. Through this lens you will discover how you too can forever transform your life!

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Listen to these incredible stories of two brave women and how they were able to triumph through tragedy. Learn how to choose love instead of hate, and how forgiveness is the most healing power of all.


bonusBonus Lesson: Common Spiritual Questions You Have and The Answers!
This lesson is all about those deep questions we all have about connecting with source, understanding the purpose for fear, how to make conscious food choices and why this is important for spiritual growth, how to establish an empowering morning routine, and the power to heal.


Each lesson offers numerous engaging videos to help you see the light of who you really are while also restoring your faith and belief in the universe and in the power that lies within you already to have all you desire.

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