Life Coaching: 9 steps to achieve your goal

from On November 24, 2015

Life Coaching: 9 steps to achieve your goal

Here is a plan to follow to finally change your life and achieve your goal.

1. Be specific. Write down all your Goals with a very clear precision in a booklet. Your goals should be specific, measurable, quantifiable, Realistic and temporal (Deadline for completion)

Objective: Go from 200 pounds to 175 pounds
Wrong goal: I want to lose weight
Right goal: By February 1st, I will do 30 minutes of exercise per day, a minimum of 5 times a week and I will weigh 175 pounds or less.

Objective: Meet a new life partner
Wrong goal: I’d like to meet Mr. Perfect.
Right goal: By April 1st, I will be in love
with a handsome man of at least 1 meter 60, no children, non smoker, respectful, who is completely free from his past and is financially independent.

Objective: Start a new business to make more money, to have more
safety and greater freedom.
Wrong goal: I want to work for myself one day.
Good goal: By September 1st, I will have my own online business from home and I will realize an annual revenue of 100,000 dollars or more per year.

2. Determine your *whys*. Your reasons for taking action, your reasons why you want to achieve  your goal. Ideally you should have at least 5 *whys*. The more you have the better. The *Whys* will help you to overcome the most difficult moments. They’ll help you persevere when you feel like giving up. If you can not find at least 5 reason to reach your goal, you won’t reach them. This probably means that this goal is not that important to you. If that is the case, Stop Here because you will waste your time, your energy and your money.

Example: Objective: Go from 200 pounds to 175 pounds

The Whys could be:
1. To feel good about myself and be full of energy.
2. To be proud of myself when I look in the mirror.
3. I don’t want to be out of breath and sweaty when I climb the stairs to the office.
4. To be a good role model for my children concerning food and sports.
5. To meet someone with a beautiful appearance who also takes care of himself.

3. Resist the temptation to share your goals with people who do not have Similar goals to yours. Based on their blocks, they will discourage you, they will answer you with * Who do you think you are!*, *You are wishful dreaming!* or they will try to make you feel uncomfortable with their doubts that might even bring you doubts. These people do not believe they are doing something wrong, they are trying to protect you out of love. These people are afraid and they project their fears on you. If you think big, do not share your dreams with people who do not see as big as you do. Share with people who have managed to get what you want.

4. Educate yourself. Education is more and more accessible these days thanks to the internet. Just a few clicks and you have some content about what you want to know. Sometimes you must pay, but often free of charge. (like the article you are reading now). One of the major secret to success is to learn from those who have achieved the goal you want, The Experts. Follow them, listen to them, attend their conferences, read their books, take their online courses, ect. Invest in yourself. Your income should have a percentage reserved for your education.

5. Hire a coach. To go further and see out of the box. They have the knowledge and the experience. Yes you can succeed without help from anyone, but that will take 5x more time and will be 5x more expensive. Coaches know the mistakes and they will help you to avoid them. A good coach helps you to get much more extraordinary results. They give you the fuel and a road map to help you get to your goals more effectively. Everybody who are in the high level of their sphere have coaches. How to hire a coach? Look on the internet or get references from people who have been coached. Ask yourself the following questions: Was he successful in his past? Does he have testimonies from former customers whom i can contact?

6. Make an action plan. Now that your goal is clear and precise, that you have your WHY, that there is no one to discourage you, that you are very well educated in relation to your goals and that you have obtained the service of a coach, you are ready to make your action plan (that should be validated by your coach). The action plan is to put all the steps in chronologic order from what you must do to achieve your goals. Go in priority order with a deadline to avoid procrastination.

Example: Your Goal is to Go from 200 pounds to 175 pounds
1. find on the internet a nutritionist and make an appointment with him/her.
2. Elaborate a new eating plan.
3. Clean up your pantry and throw everything that is bad for your health.
4. Find a personal trainer and make an appointment.
5. Evaluate your current physical condition

7. Visualize your goals every day. An extremely powerful technique used by all major world atletes but is not taught in school … It consists of simply projecting images in your mind of what you want to have, do and be. It’s to see and to feel what you want in the future. The images are very good but the feelings are very important. With the law of attraction, by regularly projecting images you desire, you will attract what you need to achieve your goals. You can also use visionboards (all images that you wish you had in your life) Look at it every day.

8. Run your action plan. Take action, the rest is worth nothing if you do not take action. You can run tests before you execute them concretely. Start you action plan now.

9. Persevere. Few people have achieved something great and meaningful the first time. Those who succeed are those who go to the end. When you get to an obstacle go see your whys. Perseverance is discipline in action. It’s doing what must be done, no matter the circumstances and no matter if you feel like it or not. When the plan is not working, do not hesitate to make small adjustments and change your approach along the way.

Thank you for reading this Life Coaching article. Let us know if you have any questions, we Love hearing from you, Best Regards.




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