Life Coaching Courses


Dr. Dispenza’s  online course, Making Your Mind Matter, will take you from believing to actually living your new reality. $497

now through this Online Course, you can also learn to move past fear and into a powerful place of truth. $397


Online video course, I AM Light, to discover and live from your Impersonal Self – and behold the infinite intelligence that lies within.  $497 


Join Debbie and a powerful lineup of guests for a once in a lifetime chance to be coached live by the greatest spiritual teachers of our time! $297


Teacher, healer, and author Denise Linn teaches you how to overcome all your blockages and activate the secret of miracles. $179


Join Dr. David R. Hamilton in this powerful online course and learn special techniques for finally attracting what you want.  $67 

Reprogram_Your_Subconscious_Mind_colette_baron-reid _amethyst_coaching

This easy, fun, deep and transformative online course is not about working on yourself! It’s about reprogramming your mind.  $397 

In this 4-week online course, I will be sharing some very practical tools, tips and exercises I have learned that truly help us feel empowered. $199


Four  lessons, from author & teacher Denise Linn shares a wealth of incredible methods you can  master to jump-start your glorious, fabulous, magnificent abundance. $187.77

Playing the Matrix: And Getting What You (Really) Want is a detailed program designed to walk you through the entire process of reality creation, from thought to manifestation. $397

Quantum Life Coaching Certification Three-Level Online Certification Course with Best seller author Sandra Anne Taylor, By Sandra Anne Taylor. $170


Learn to turn things around in this enlightening, and truly empowering On Demand Online Course by bestselling author, Sandra Anne Taylor. Level 1 $116


Cracking Your Karma Code Quantum coaching Certification – Level 2: 4-Lesson Course with  Sandra Anne Taylor. $116


Energy Breakthrough: Seven Simple Steps That Could Change Everything! Quantum Life Coaching certification – Level 3  $116

In this  Online Course, Dr. Robert Holden coaches you  on principles and practices that are at the heart of his work.  $125

Over your six lessons with Caroline, you’ll examine various game-changing questions and other inner psyche phenomenon. $149

Gregg Braden, will merge his expertise in leading-edge science with present-day realities to answer the questions on everyone’s minds. $49

300x250 Success Mastery Academy

Brian Tracy’s “Success Mastery Academy” A Proven System for Setting-and Meeting-Objectives for Personal and Business Success.  $177

Join Eldon as he brings together over 30 years of mind research to help you decipher your  life. If things are not working as well as you would like, find out how your mind is sabotaging you. $197

In this three-part Online Course, Michael Bernard Beckwith will share how placing the big questions before ourselves is still ultimately courageous and vital. $179


Follow the easy steps offered in this groundbreaking Online Course, and your life will transform in ways that you can’t even begin to imagine. The time is NOW! $149

Meditainment: Meditation That Takes You Places

Absolutely no training is required, anyone and everyone can enjoy the wonderful power of their calm mind first time! It’s as easy-to-do as following a relaxing story with your eyes closed. $15


My expertise revolves around helping you achieve your goals faster than you thought possible with the three pillars of success: Goal setting, Time management and boosting your self-confidence.


In order to have the perfect successful mix, you need to know what the secret ingredients are that accelerate the process and the order in which you should use these ingredients. By Slavica Bogdanov $197

300x250 Maximum Achievement Goal Planner

With this Goal Planner you can unlock your true potential to accomplish more in the next year or two than most people have in 10 or even 20 years! $29.95

Gabrielle Bernstein shares her practical and spiritual tools for creating a powerful publicity campaign. Join Gabrielle as she demystifies the publicity process and shows you how to infuse the spirit of intention, service and love into everything you do and create miracles when it comes to media. $199