Life Coaching: How to have more prosperity in our daily lives.

from On September 6, 2015
Life coaching how to have more prosperity on our daily lives

Life Coaching: How to have more prosperity in our daily lives.

Life Coaching: Prosperity is not a question limited to the financial aspect. No, we must understand that abundance is also a question of human abundance and this abundance is the basis to obtain this prosperity.

There are two fundamental pillars we must dedicate ourselves to before even thinking about the financial aspect. The pillar number 1 is  generosity. The pillar number 2 is humanity. People who are doing well in today’s economy are people who decide to focus on these two pillars. They ask themselves these questions, how can I offer more generosity? How can I help? This should be the first question to ask yourself. And the answer should be your goal in life.

When we launch in a new project, one of the biggest mistakes is to think about money first. But know that money itself, is not a great reason to support a long-term project. It must  be based on more rewarding and exciting reasons. It is the passion that drives your motivation to continue a long-term project. Especially when going through a difficult period, lack of motivation and barriers could make you slow down and even downright make you give up.

It’s obviously your fundamental values that should form the basis of success in a project. A little trick to know what your Fundamental values are is to ask yourself: If I could do anything, what would be the first thing I would change on this earth to improve it? You can write 5 and you will have your Fundamental values. You can count on those values for your project. Fundamental Values are very important, they are your engine, your reason for being. Feeling useful is necessary for good mental health.

So the success recipe is a fundamental value combined with one of your passions. You now have the engine and gasoline to propel yourself directly to that prosperity. The pleasure you get when  practicing  your passion will protect you from difficult moments that could make you quit. Your energy will rise and therefore you will attract good results easily.

Many successful projects are based on generosity and humanity. People naturally encourage you, they talk about you positively. Slowly but surely, you’ll see this positive energy flow, you will feel supported by the entire universe and you will generate a lot of prosperity including the material and financial prosperity. And that is all thanks to the generosity and humanity you exchange in your daily life. We hope this Life Coaching article was helpful, let us know if you have any questions, we love hearing from you!

Thank you sincerely for the courage of wanting to build a better world. Best Regards.




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