Life Coaching: How to stay productive without being too busy.

from On December 29, 2015

Life Coaching: How to stay productive without being too busy.

How can we be truly productive with the time available in everyday life? We live in a society where we are more and more solicited, more and more busy, where  Time seems to become more and more rare. How to avoid falling into the trap of becoming constantly busy, but not really productive, especially late in the day? Have you ever been busy to the point you feel completely overwhelmed by the situation? And even remain in this state of mind, being constantly busy? If so, know that you are far away of actually being productive every day with the time you have.If you answered yes to these questions, this article can help you stop being busy and become truly productive with a very simple, but very powerful solution.

A research was made by Dr. Francesca Gino, teacher at Harvard Business School. Here’s what they discovered.  By default, we are biased towards action and it is the number 1 obstacle that prevents us from being more productive. For example, did you know that a soccer goalie (football), when taking a penalty shot from the center of the net, is very vulnerable with the big goal behind him. The goalkeeper, facing the kicker, has a 12.6% chance to stop the ball if he decides to dive to the right. If that same goalkeeper decides to dive to the left, he has a 14.2% chance to stop the ball. Now comes the fascinating part for us. Did you know that if the goalkeeper does not move at all, he would remain motionless in the center, his chances of stopping the ball would rise by 33.3%? Yet only 6.3% of the time, the goalkeeper will decide to stay in the center of the net. What is interesting about this study for us? Well it demonstrates that we are, by default, biased towards action.

Take the example of the goalie, it’s much better for the viewer’s eye if the goalkeeper tries to stop the ball. We need to demonstrate that we took action, we need to show that we attempted. If he remained motionless and that the opponent had scored, the spectators would say: ” He did not even move or Try! ” While the statistics show that staying in the middle, he would have a better success rate than if he took action on one side or the other … It’s the same with us, very often, we’ll make tons of actions left and right, in our personal and professional lives, even if we know that it is counterproductive. Why? Because you know you’ll look better and you’ll feel better if we do these actions, rather than to grant permission to be in the planning, in the observation or reflection. In most cases, we are used to allow ourselves the sense of accomplishment and reward only after a large load of effort and action. There is a great lesson in this for people who have the feeling of being very busy, but not really productive. Here’s another example: A person is alone in a restaurant, rather than being in the present moment, feeling good about himself, to breathe, to be happy. Often we try to look busy being on our phone rather than just enjoying the moment. The solution is very simple, return to basis and grant yourself permission to be more in the planning, observation, introspection, and then take action.

Another study was done in England, in a call center, The We Pro call center. They took two control groups. The first group was in training and at the end of the training day, they said to them: ”You will take 15 minutes to think about the content you just received. How it can help you and how you’ll be using it in the future.” Be strategic, they asked them, much like the motionless goalkeeper, stop and think a little more about how they will use the training. They gave them 15 minutes per day, for a month at the end of the day. The other control group, which was also in the same training, were told, ”You do the training until the end of the day, no time to think about the content that you have seen.” After one month of training, when it was time to do the exam, group 1, with time to think, performed better at a level of 22.8% then group 2, which was constantly busy, no time to settle, to think and plan.

So what’s the message here if you sometimes have the impression of being constantly busy? Maybe it’s because you are, by default, biased towards action. It is our responsibility to reflect and say, ‘What are these actions that I do every day and are in fact counterproductive? I understand that if I give myself at least 10-15 minutes a day to be more strategic, to plan, organize, reflect, to be introspective. Automatically, I’ll increase my productivity. ”Imagine if we could all increase productivity by 22.8% like Group 1 of We Pro… it’s very possible, it’s up to you to choose whether you continue or you change your habits to achieve better results.

I hope this article will help you leave the crazy rush of being constantly busy and feeling like you did’nt accomplish anything you wanted to accomplish. It’s a simple strategy that can actually help you accomplish your goals by simply planning a few minutes. You know, 1 minute of planning is equal to 10 minutes of execution! So think about how much time of execution you can save by planning. Also be more alert to this feeling that you must work hard to win, to deserve, because this very common feeling can hurt you throughout your life and have you always fight, and that, only to remain at the same point. Don’t hesitate to put your comments, suggestions or to add your own techniques to improve your everyday productivity. Best Regards.


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