Life Coaching: A very simple technique to visualize

from On September 6, 2015
Life Coaching A very simple technique to visualize

Life Coaching: A very simple technique to visualize

Life Coaching: There are multiple techniques to boost our success. In Life Coaching, Visualization is one of them. There are several ways to visualize. In this article i want to talk about the easiest way, called micro-visualization. We can literally increase our performance simply by doing this exercise. We can even attract something in our life by practicing micro-visualization. It’s the easiest strategy to use everyday. When you feel a loss of control in the present moment, use this technique to quickly regain a better emotional state.

The inside images are very powerful and gives you instant results. Just imagine the image of a key. A key has a serrated combination and it is with its ups and downs that it can unlock the door. In life, many of us, when faced with a door, we abandon instead of saying; I’m just trying to create the right combination to open this door. Whenever an outside obstacle slows us down or burdens our emotions, instead of going in the gray area, quickly, use the image of the key, and remind yourself; I am simply trying to create the right combination to open that door, open my next success.

In one day, we can let ourselves drown by all sorts of news and negative information, and by staying in these negative states, we feel our emotions crushing us. We become less efficient and therefore less closer to our success. So how do you quickly change these emotions? Yes you guessed it, just with a mental image .Visualization is a real strategy, it is seriously used in several areas. There is the longer technique(10-30 minutes, up to 1 hour). People visualize a well detailed and heartfelt movie to taste the sensation of the desired victory. But here we are talking about micro-visualization, a simple quick picture in your mind.

Here’s an example; you play hockey and your coach tells you ” Make sure not to loose the puck to the opponent!” Your subconscious will automatically build images based on this sentence. So by default, you will have the image of you loosing the puck to the opponent. Now if your coach would tell you ” You’re a wall, you block all the pucks!”  You would have a much better image in your mind with this sentence and chances are you will completly improve your performance by having the right image. You can use this technique in all activities

I invite you to reflect on what images represent your success, your ambitions or your purpose to you.  Is there a way to replace them with other associated images that will be much more constructive and that will bring you success quickly?

We hope this life coaching article helped you to move closer to your success. If you have any questions, please let us know. We love hearing from you! Best Regards


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