Life Coaching: The 6 laws of mind power.

from On December 1, 2015

Life Coaching: The 6 laws of mind power.

Law #1 Thoughts are real forces

Thoughts that we are thinking everyday are real FORCES. They are not meaningless, they are forces. Every single thought that you think is a force, an energy, a substance and is having an effect in your life. Strong and concentrated thoughts are strong and concentrated forces.

Law #2 The mind is a sending and receiving station of thoughts.

We are forever affecting the outside environment with our thoughts. And the outside environment is forever affecting us by the thoughts of those around us. And that’s why those of you living together, married, are affecting your spouse by how you think and your spouse is affecting you by how or she thinks. That’s why it matters what groups you belong with, the social circle of your friends, what you read, what you watch on TV, because it’s all energy. Everything in your life is vibrations of energy. Always remember that the mind is a sending and receiving station of these thoughts.

Law #3 The Law of attraction.

The law of attraction states that thoughts that are emotionalised become magnetised and attracts similar and like thoughts. Now any thought that is thought with emotion, suddenly changes the dynamics of the thought. How? It emotionalises it, it magnetises it and once it magnetises it, it attracts similar and like thoughts. Exemple: Let’s say you are at work and your spouse calls you to pick up some groceries before coming home. You go and pick up the groceries and when you come from the supermarket to your car, you trip on something and drop the groceries. And now you get really angry. You pick up everything and when you get to the car you see that the juice is leaking all over your suit. Now you get really angry. You put the groceries in the car and you drive on your way home really mad & thinking how you would’nt be suprised if you had a big argument with your spouse. Saying i don’t even know what we are doing together anyways, it’s a disaster, we should have never got married. And then you start to think how your boss is such a jerk and that you should quit that job. And then you start thinking about your kids and the loud music they listen to and how they have it easy these days. And then suddenly everything that is wrong in your life comes up to your consciousness. So what happened is that by getting mad and upset, about dropping the groceries and then about the juice leaking, that upset, attracted to you all the other things that upset you. It’s the law of attraction. Any thought that is thought with emotion, either a positive emotion or a negative emotion, changes the dynamics of the thought.

Law #4 The law of control.

The law of control states that we are forever experiencing thoughts but we have the power and the ability to either entertain them or dismiss them. What that means is that any negative thought that is persisting in our mind is there because we are allowing it to be there. It’s alot like the old parabole of the 2 monks on a journey. They arrive to this river, and by this river is a very beautiful woman. The woman says please can one of you carry me to the other side of the river? The water is too deep! The monks had taken a sacred vow to not so much as even touch a woman. And then the older monk, without saying a word, bends down, picks up the woman, carries her acrosse the river, puts her down on the other side and the 2 monks carry on in their journey. The younger monk does not understand what just happened. 4 hours go by without a word. Then the younger monk can’t take it anymore and says How could you have done that? Why did you carry that woman to the other side when we had a sacred vow? And the older Monk looks at him and says OHHHHH are you still carrying her? Cause i put her down 4 hours ago!  Question is How much are you carrying around inside you that you should have put down a long time ago? How many passed mistakes, errors, roads not taken, problems, difficulties, how much junk are you carrying around inside you that you should have put down a long time ago? And how long are you going to carry this junk around inside you? Don’t allow negative thoughts to persist, let it go, drop it and stop entertaining these thoughts.

Law #5 The law of insertion.

The law of insertion states that we have the power and the ability to insert any thought of any type into our mind. In many ways this is the greatest law we have but it’s the one we use the less. It does’nt even have to be real, we can insert any kind of thoughts. If you are limiting yourself to reality with your thoughts, you don’t understand your power yet. You can insert ANY thoughts. Everyday, i insert into my mind thoughts of success, of personal power, of health, of abundance. WHY??? Well why not? I would be a fool not to take advantage of this law and i can assure you i am no fool. I Have the power and the ability to insert any thought of any kind and at any time into my mind. I am not limited in anyway in my choices of thoughts. Remember thoughts are real forces!

Law #6 The inner and outer worlds are connected.

We live simultaneously in 2 worlds. The outter world (world of circumstances and situations that happen to you) and the inner world (world of your thoughts & reactions) They are 2 independant worlds from one another. For example in the outter world, you are probably sitting down reading this article in your house. Your cat or dog sitting on your lap, the walls etc.. This is all happening in the outter world. But let’s say you get bored reading this article, in the inner world, you could go somewhere else and still be here in the outter world. You could start to think about what happened to you the day before or again start thinking about your job or what you will do in the weekend. All this is going on in the inner world while being in the outter world. We know the outter world influences and affects the inner world. It not only afftects it, it bullies it, it dominates, it mesmorises it, we are hypnotised by it. Not only does the outter influences the inner but the inner also influences the outter. Because they are connected to one another. But you only get to experience that when you cease reacting constantly to the outter world. I am not saying ignore the outter world, i am not saying deny the outter world, what i am saying is that it does’nt have to dominate your consciousness constantly. You can separate your consciousness from your outter world. We are living simultaneously in these 2 worlds, but they are different. Understand that they are 2 totally different world. Our power comes when we recognize that we are not limited in the inner world by what’s happening in our lives. What we need to do is to work in the inner world, and through the inner world, we are going to manifest and create and direct the outter world.

Thank you for ready this life coaching articleand we hope you now understand the 6 laws of mind power. We suggest the online course and Books below if you would like to go further in the process. Please let us know if you have any questions, we love hearing from you. Best regards.


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Lesson 7

Self-Healings and Soul Awakenings: Dr. Joe’s Personal Story and Scientific Research

Are you ready for an interdimensional awakening? Dr. Dispenza shares his personal story so you can see the benefits and the power of designing your destiny using thought alone. You’ll dive deeper into heart coherence to bring about a true love of life that is in alignment with what you see for your future. When you change your thoughts, you change your brain, and you’ll learn how to make self-healing a natural part of your life by using what is offered in this empowering lesson.


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