Life Coaching: What is the EGO?

from On December 8, 2015

Life Coaching: What is the Ego?

Everyone has an ego. The question is how are we aware & conscious of it. The Ego is what defines us by our achievements, our possessions, our knowledge, our titles, our experiences, ect… It comes with our body in this world of three dimensions. It is in the DNA, it evolves with the beliefs of different generations. It is the image of the personality that our mind creates in our reality. The ego is therefore a part of us since our existence in flesh and bone. It differentiates us as separate individuals. The ego is a part of our own personality. It has an impact on our thoughts, beliefs, our emotions and our perception of our reality … Yes, much of our life is created by our ego.

The ego thinks this way: I am correct, so the other is incorrect. I’m not enough, this is not possible. I am less than him, I am more then her … I want more, more for me. It’s never enough. I need more. I am alone and misunderstood. I am abandoned. I am afraid, I keep silence. I want revenge, I’m too much of this and not enough of that…The Ego is extremist in every way. There is always a separation between you and the rest of the world, it makes us forget that we are the infinite & Divine intelligence. It makes us believe that we are this body, this mind separated and powerless.

The Ego is the source of our fears, he answers and motivates us with fear and all the other emotions that results from fear: Anger, sadness, insecurity, envy, jealousy, abandonment, anxiety, stress, ect. He pushes us to live in drama, in combat, in distress, in offense, in judgment, in doubt, in lack, in insecurity, in guilt, in separation … The Ego is very crafty, it uses illusion, projection, and manipulation. We can recognize the Ego but it is difficult to put your finger on it. Each person has a different ego that acts differently. It protects itself and is kind of sneaky. We tend to protect it unconsciously and we collectively nourish it, until it is brought to light. Its purpose is to keep us separated by its 1001 ways. It also wants to distract us, to stun us, to drain us and to hypnotize us in order for us not to do what we came here to do on this earth … The more our life mission is big, the greater our ego is and gets more diffcult to master. It is also the wounded inner child who spoils himself constantly and avenges himself by creating experiences in our life based on fear. Then our reality becomes extremely difficult and it keeps us prisoner by the consequences, we become a victim, far from accomplishing our goals.

The Ego wants to destabilize us. It can make us feel like an impostor. That feeling of not being qualified enough. It can also make us feel selfish, guilty, that we do something for ourselves and not for the others, or that we are doing something for the sole purpose of making money for exemple … The truth is that yes we must do things for ourselves. In the universe there is no teacher and no student, both are teachers, the two teaches each other, we are equal, we are ONE…

The Ego can also keep us in fear of speaking & acting, it keeps us in silence, in ignorance…The Ego minimizes the problems, it says; Everything is OK. When we are rather detached from the ego, we choose love. Being based on love is to be assertive and say with love how we feel because we are doing a favor to others and to ourself when we are saying the truth. This allows us to grow. Being Love is to be true, genuine, honest. It is revealing to each other, with love, how we feel in the present situation. Notice the feelings we have when we affirm ourselves. Are they towards fear(anger) or love (Oness)?

The ego exists because it is useful on some levels. Most of the time the advantages of the existence of the Ego are illusory. It’s a part of us that gives it our consent without really being aware of our choice. For example addiction to negative emotions such as anger, laziness, fear, carelessness, perfectionism, the illusion of feeling Unique (different) and all other addictions to harmful habits…We listen to the Ego because we don’t want to deal with making changes. The Ego is like a challenge and if we master it, It forces us to grow, to create, to go further and come out of our comfort zone. It also helps us to recognize our fears and beliefs. It helps us to see in ourselves what we see on the outside (Projection: The perceived reality is a reflection of us, the ego projects our fear in our reality. We notice in others what we do not want to see in ourselves). It allows us to take responsibility towards our exterior, then we can target what needs to be healed in ourselves… It helps us to be alert. Personally I think this is like a challenge, a treasure hunt. When one sees the Ego in himself, it is because we have managed to look at ourself (first treasure found) . I also believe  that laughing about it is a good way to put the light on the Ego.

We must be Alert, we must stop and analyze. Observe our ego and all its illusions in ourself and around us, to which we give power to. Observe with the eyes of love. It is for us to stop and choose, from love or from fear…Sometimes we look at a person, we find that this person is so perfect, so strong, so powerful… But the perfect people, the perfectionists, are in constent lack, they fight constantly to fill their sensation of lack, it’s never enough, the fight is eternal. They fight, they suffer to be perfect. They believe that being like someone else, everybody would like them, admire them more, they would have more success, more happiness… The truth is that they never find happiness that way. They don’t really love themselves, they want to be someone else… To find happiness, we must love and be faithful to ourself first. We love ourselves no matter what our body looks like, it’s not us, it does not define us. Regardless of our titles, our possessions, our achievements, our knowledge, everything learned, taught, all this is not ourselves, it is the illusion of the Ego…

Television for example is based on a system of Ego… This reinforces the beliefs of this illusion. These beliefs limits us and prevents us to be the real person that we are, the one based on love that came here to bring some improvement in order to help others. These beliefs also prevents us from living the life we deserve, in the infinite abundance that the universe offers us…

In order for us Not to fall into the Ego’s trap, let’s be and remain in a state of love, of compassion, without judgments, of acceptance, of forgiveness, of tolerance… Keep focusing on love when others and ourselves are concerned. Lets see ourself equal with others. Lets offer our strengths & our natural gifts to others. Nobody is less or more than us, even if we see our reflection and we affirm: I am less than or too much… Lets understand that this is a great illusion coming from our Ego. The truth is that we are all perfect & all equal.

When we decide to change our beliefs based on fear by beliefs based on love, we change, we are no longer this person founded on false data, based on fear. The surroundings and situations change. We detach ourself from attachments in all the aspects of our lives. These attachments are not coming from love. ( Explained in this article here ) We adopt different perspectives and we discover our true nature, our true essence, one of love, peace, compassion, mutual aid… We adopt the perspective that we are ONE, that we have never been separated and that all this was an illusion from the ego.

When we give power to love, we love ourself unconditionally and we love others just because we are ONE. Our personal power increases and all the range of feelings that stem from love are also increasing. We become more open minded, more present, more conscious, clearer, more aligned. Our life changes, we no longer want to live in stress, drama, anxiety, fear, & doubt. We become more aware of our thoughts and our beliefs, more present, more tuned. It’s much more lighter to live in acceptance, the benefits coming from love are infinite … The ego will always be present in this material world, but it evolves with us. We will always have the choice to give him the power or to recognize it and bypass it. We are much more able to do this in a calm state of mind, rested, & in the present moment, like when we meditate. Just be, observe without mental judgments…

Thank you for reading, we hope you enjoyed this Life Coaching Article on the Ego. Best Regards




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