Love Coaching: Are you feeling guilty?…

from On November 10, 2015

Love Coaching: Are you feeling guilty?…

Are certain people around you trying to make you feel guilty? Guilt is one of the lowest forms of vibration you can have. When we feel guilty we feel powerless. It makes us feel like a victim. Guilt disconnects us from trust, communication, self-esteem, affection, love.

When someone tries to make us feel guilty, This person uses manipulation. He (or She but we will use He in this context) uses the vulnerability we have towards this relationship and He will use our low self esteem to manipulate us for the sole purpose of having us do or act like he wants us to. When we feel guilty after someone’s comment, it’s only because WE allowed the other to reach our area of vulnerability. Low self esteem  means that part of us also believes what this person is saying. From fear, We give him the power and the authority to temporarily use us for his own purposes. Low self esteem brings out alot of fears and keeps us prisoner in a toxic relationship.

But the fact remains that no one can make us feel guilty if we don’t give him the opportunity. We are the masters of our response to these attempts to try and make us feel guilty. We have several choices when someone tries to make us feel guilty we can ignore the attempt, have it reflected to the accuser, defend ourselves or refuse to board the boat that would take us right to the drift. We must be careful on the way we react. Be sure you react assertively (Gentle, Kind & Loving way). Remember the universe will respond to you with the same energy you emitted. So when we react aggressively, we will probably end up with bad results. We will never fix anything in a relationship while reacting aggressively or passive aggressively. If we develop our self esteem, if we build it and strengthen it every day,  if we live according to our values, if we know that we are always doing our best and that our intentions are created in love, then no one can make us feel guilty.

Acting with pure intention based on love lets us know that we always do our best. Respecting our core values confirms that we are not going beyond our limits. Knowing that we wish the best for others brings us relationships based on respect and understanding. It’s up to you to put your boundaries and to be out of any form of guilt. By loving ourselves more & more, we move away from manipulators who no longer see us as victims they feasted on. And by loving ourselves enough not to get into their game, we will show them a different way of relating with others, a healthier and more authentic way. We can only wish them to break free from this devastating addiction in their lives.

As for us, we will continue to learn to love ourselves from these experiences destined to strengthen us. And we will refuse any form of guilt.

We hope this Love Coaching article was helpful for you. Best Regards.


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