Love Coaching: How to attract love with the law of attraction

from On August 23, 2015
love coaching how to attract love with the law of attraction

Love Coaching: How to attract love with the law of attraction

Love Coaching; Love does not necessarily happen by accident. You can use the law of attraction to find the love you want. Regardless of what many people think, factors such as events, decisions and way of thinking helps to make things happen for two persons. It all depends on what you think! If you are focused on what you want (using the Law of Attraction), there is a good chance that this will happen. If you are not focused on what you really want, random things happen, which might get you what you do not want. What you see in the Universe sees you! In this love coaching, we talk about the factors that combine to create a result that can be positive or negative, depending on your thoughts. If the factors are positive at first, they will take you to a positive result.

Understanding the Law

The Law of Attraction is a belief system that encourages positive thoughts to create positive results. This is based on a belief that thoughts are made of pure energy and every thought that comes to your mind is manifested in a specific result based on the nature of the thought. The energy of your thoughts (positive or negative) in return attracts energy frequencies of the same level. So if the energy is positive, it will bring positive energy. If it is negative, it will result in negative energy. So how the law of attraction affects love? The mind is a powerful thing. However, people are so used to focus on the physical aspects of their lives that they are often unaware of how the mind affects the body. For example, if you think you are worthless, you have nothing to offer and that you do not deserve love and respect, you are more likely to sabotage your dreams and ruin your chances of going where you want successfully. If your mind tells you that you are unworthy and that you are worthless, you are not going to meet someone in your life who appreciates you for who you really are. People that you will encounter will see a shy and insecure person. All because you expect less of what you really want …

The same with relationships. Using the law of attraction, you can change your mindset and have better expectations, more beneficial to your goals. If you can concentrate and focus on series of positive and beneficial thoughts, you acknowledge and affirm your own value. By the same token, you reject everything that is bad and toxic in your life. You will be able to improve, become more confident, more generous, more secure and accept the good and beautiful things that life has to offer. How to Use the Law of Attraction to build better love and relationships? The law of attraction can be exploited to help you create the life and the love you want. To prepare your mind to achieve unlimited possibilities, consider these factors:

Clarity of purpose

Know what you want and be clear and specific about the why and the how. Using an array of visualization is a great way to achieve this. Relationships do not grow on vague concepts and fuzzy beliefs. To get the kind of relationship you want, social, professional or romantic, you must clearly define the feelings and emotions you will experience when you reach your goal.

Be open

Open up to big things and wonderful opportunities. As much as you want to have a perfect union, all relationships are adventures that can change quickly. When your mind is more open, you let a flood of blessings in.

Love Thyself

You can’t expect to be loved and accepted if you do not love and accept who you are. You are a wonderful creation, unique and full of potential. Give your fair value.

Stay positive

Stop complaining. Complaining intensifies emotions and negative energy. If you stop complaining, you will be able to see things more clearly and in an objective point of view. You will learn to take responsibility for your thoughts and actions and you stop putting the blame on someone else. As a result, you can enjoy a healthy and happy Relationship.

We hope this Love coaching article was helpful to you. If you want to go further in the process take a look at  the online course mentionned below or visit our store for Books about love and the law of attraction. Best regards.


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About the Course

Almost all fairy tales end with the words “And they lived happily ever after.” This “happily ever after” is the completion we all long for—a longing that is so deep and so primal that it’s woven into just about everything we see, hear, or read. Just think about how many movies, books, and television series end with weddings, thus putting an end to the tension of opposites and reinforcing the message that true love conquers all.

Little girls, brought up on stories of princesses and mermaids, dream of the day when they too will be “chosen” and “completed” by their own version of Prince Charming. Nothing is more powerful than this yearning—the longing to be seen and loved. Once you learn how to identify and harness the energy of this longing, naming it for what it really is, you are on your way to health, wholeness, and yes—true love.

In this three-lesson Online Course, women’s health authority Dr. Christiane Northrup will present a tried-and-true formula for ending the agony of longing and yearning for someone to complete you. This is a learnable skill!

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In this three-lesson Online Course, women’s health authority Dr. Christiane Northrup will present a tried-and-true formula for ending the agony of longing and yearning for someone to complete you. This is a learnable skill! 

Dr. Northrup will help you master the following three areas:

Lesson 1: The Relationship You Have with Yourself
Making the relationship you have with yourself your top priority. All relationships begin with the way in which you treat yourself. So, no more settling for crumbs! Dr. Northrup will explain the steps you can take to feel whole, complete, and lacking in nothing—whether or not you’re in a relationship.

Lesson 2: Healing Your Heart
Addressing and healing the broken heart of your inner child. Every single person on the planet has at least one wound from his or her childhood. These play out in our most intimate relationships, again and again, until we resolve the underlying issues. Dr. Northrup will teach you to identify these wounds and then to heal them. Then, you won’t continue to block the love you desire—and deserve.

Lesson 3: Becoming Irresistible
Becoming absolutely irresistible to your highest good. Dr. Northrup will guide you in surrendering to your own Inner Beloved—and being open to receiving the love that is truly yours.

Attracting the Love of Your Life: A Course in Becoming Irresistible is as relevant to those currently in a relationship as it is to those who deeply desire one. After all, your health and the quality of life are very strongly influenced by the health of your relationships with others and with yourself.

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