Love Coaching: Love yourself to attract love

from On February 16, 2016

Love Coaching: Love yourself to attract love

We’ll give you some tips to improve the esteem you have for yourself.  “To love oneself is the beginning of an eternal love story”. If you need others to love you, start by loving yourself. We will give you a series of tips that will help you highlight your strengths.

-Worry about what you think of yourself

The only person you will spend the rest of your life with is yourself. So love yourself because the first person you need to think about is you. Remember that you are a precious person. If other people think you are not worth the trouble, don’t let them affect you because in the end, you might fall into depression from this.

-Devote time for Yourself.

Even if you are a very busy person, it is important to find time for you everyday. Find time in your agenda and book yourself a moment each day to be alone with yourself. Ultimately, reserve a small part of the day to know you a little better. That way, it’s much easier to love yourself because we spend time with our “ME”, our true and wonderful essence.

-Practice Self-esteem

For others to love you, it is important to pratice self-esteem. If you let yourself be carried by pessimists, you will eventually believe that you are worthless. That said, you need to believe in yourself and keep away from toxic people.

-Avoid Toxic people

People that are not capable of loving themselves will find confidence to move forward only by undermining the self-esteem of others. They then achieve small insipid success that makes them move forward in life. And, they always find someone to devalue to experience and feel a new momentum. It is obvious that this way of being is truly self-destructive. Thus, solitary beings, dependent and dictators become toxic people who always need the proximity of unstable people who have a low self esteem. In fact, toxic people won’t like you even if you shout at them loudly.
They simply need you because they are unable to confront themselves, their fears and their inner darkness. If they have to degrade you to love you, you are living an illusion.

-Make Decisions

Another exercise you can do to love yourself a little more each day is decision making. Don’t let others decide the direction your life will take. Be yourself and choose the path you want to walk in the world. This confidence is perceived by other people, who sincerely love you for it.

-Love yourself with all your heart

Never forget to love yourself more each day. Don’t be carried away by a stressful job, a possessive family or a toxic environment. You are the true important person and others should love you for who you are, not for what they expect from you. If you need and want to be loved, start with yourself. Make decisions, move forward in life firmly and don’t let anyone steal your dreams or your confidence. People who are really worthy of your affection will understand and love you as you are. Love yourself!  Thanks for taking time to read this article. Below is the best online course we found to elevate your self love and as always we also have below a few Book and oracle cards  suggestions.

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Online Course Suggestion


Attracting the Love of Your Life: A Course in Becoming Irresistible



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About the Course

Almost all fairy tales end with the words “And they lived happily ever after.” This “happily ever after” is the completion we all long for—a longing that is so deep and so primal that it’s woven into just about everything we see, hear, or read. Just think about how many movies, books, and television series end with weddings, thus putting an end to the tension of opposites and reinforcing the message that true love conquers all.

Little girls, brought up on stories of princesses and mermaids, dream of the day when they too will be “chosen” and “completed” by their own version of Prince Charming. Nothing is more powerful than this yearning—the longing to be seen and loved. Once you learn how to identify and harness the energy of this longing, naming it for what it really is, you are on your way to health, wholeness, and yes—true love.

In this three-lesson Online Course, women’s health authority Dr. Christiane Northrup will present a tried-and-true formula for ending the agony of longing and yearning for someone to complete you. This is a learnable skill!

Sign up now and receive these bonus materials:

  • A downloadable meditation recorded exclusively for the participants of this course
  • A downloadable PDF workbook for each lesson

A downloadable mp3 of Dr. Northrup weekly Hay House Radio Show Flourish!

Dr. Northrup will help you master the following three areas:

Lesson 1: The Relationship You Have with Yourself
Making the relationship you have with yourself your top priority. All relationships begin with the way in which you treat yourself. So, no more settling for crumbs! Dr. Northrup will explain the steps you can take to feel whole, complete, and lacking in nothing—whether or not you’re in a relationship.

Lesson 2: Healing Your Heart
Addressing and healing the broken heart of your inner child. Every single person on the planet has at least one wound from his or her childhood. These play out in our most intimate relationships, again and again, until we resolve the underlying issues. Dr. Northrup will teach you to identify these wounds and then to heal them. Then, you won’t continue to block the love you desire—and deserve.

Lesson 3: Becoming Irresistible
Becoming absolutely irresistible to your highest good. Dr. Northrup will guide you in surrendering to your own Inner Beloved—and being open to receiving the love that is truly yours.

Attracting the Love of Your Life: A Course in Becoming Irresistible is as relevant to those currently in a relationship as it is to those who deeply desire one. After all, your health and the quality of life are very strongly influenced by the health of your relationships with others and with yourself.

This course provides immediate access upon purchase. (All  Online Event purchases are non-refundable.)

Book Suggestion

The Undervalued Self: Restore Your Love/Power Balance, Transform the Inner Voice That Holds You Back, and Find Your True Self-Worth
By Elaine N. Aron


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Product Description

Elaine Aron follows up her bestsellers on the highly sensitive person with a groundbreaking new book on the undervalued self. She explains that self-esteem results from having a healthy balance of love and power in our lives. Readers will learn to incorporate love into situations that seem to require power and deal with power struggles that mask themselves as issues of love. From the bedroom to the boardroom, her strategies will enable us to escape feelings of shame, defeat, and depression; dissolve relationship hostility; and become our best selves. With Aron’s clear, empathetic writing and extraordinary scientific and human insight, THE UNDERVALUED SELF is a simple and effective guide to developing healthy, fulfilling relationships, and finding true self-worth.

Audio Book Suggestion

Dissolving Barriers: Discover Your Subconscious Blocks to Love, Health, and a Powerful Self-Image
By Louise Hay


Buy This Audio Book Here

Product Description

On this enlightening and entertaining CD, Louise L. Hay explains how we can dissolve the barriers that prevent us from being healthy and successful. She shows us that fear, guilt, resentment, criticism, and other negative forms of programming from the past can be transformed into opportunities for positive change and growth. By letting go of these limiting thoughts and feelings and accepting ourselves and others, we can experience the power of being in charge of our lives.

Oracle Cards

Universal Love Healing Oracle: 12th Anniversary Edition


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About the Author

Toni Carmine Salerno is an internationally recognized artist and bestselling author. Through his work, which seems to transcend cultures and borders, he explores universal and timeless themes such as spirituality, healing, philosophy and love. His artworks are collected by people from around the globe and his publications have been translated into many languages including Japanese, French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Polish, Norwegian, Danish, Czech and Chinese. Toni’s work emanates a healing energy that connects us to our spiritual selves; they are meditations that guide us to an infinite source of love and wisdom that we each hold within. His work continues to quietly illuminate hearts and the minds around the globe.

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