Healing Coaching: Meditation can renew your brain in 8 weeks.

from On April 26, 2016

Healing Coaching: Meditation can renew your brain in 8 weeks

Meditation can transform our brain in 8 weeks. Areas that change are those that are related to memory, empathy and stress, as well as those who are responsible for attention and emotional integration. This is not affirmed by a group of amateurs or pseudo-science lovers, but it is the conclusion of a team of researchers from the Massachusetts General Hospital, who made the discovery. This study was published in the journal Psychiatric Research. The researchers put into practice an 8-week meditation program, from which they hoped to measure the benefits of meditation on our emotions, behavior and thoughts.

The brain changes that brings meditation.

Although it is known that there are many benefits when meditating, until now we did not know that the changes were so rapid. We saw that meditation produced changes in brain areas related to memory, self-awareness, empathy and stress. That is to say that what we understand with shades of spirituality really enhances our physical and mental health. When someone meditates, not only does he feel better because he is relaxed, but also because the structure of the brain changed its connections in a clever way. No need to be an expert in meditation to enjoy its benefits and feel an increased emotional and attentional integration capacity. In fact, the study participants spent only 27 minutes each day to practice the meditation exercises. It only took 8 weeks to observe the brain changes such as an increase of density in the grey matter of the hippocampus (area related to memory) and other areas related to self-awareness, compassion and introspection. In addition, they also observed a decrease in density in the tonsils, responsible of emotional states such as stress, anxiety or fear. That is to say, through the plasticity of our brains, we have the opportunity to be better people every day, both for others and for ourselves.

Meditation, a practice that allows us to live in the present.

If we meditate assiduously, one of the changes that will appear rapidly, is the ability to live in the present moment, in the here and now, leaving aside the disturbing thoughts about the past and the future. As we said, meditating does not only include a state of relaxation, but it also allows us to have more control over ourselves. Through meditation, we manage to control our words and our thoughts and inner dialogue. This practice will be very beneficial because you can better understand your emotions and not charge them with negative thoughts. This results in an emotional and social success because self-control enables improved relations, projects and your everyday life. As we have said, meditation dissolves and releases our thoughts and makes us focus on the present and overcome stress and worries. Our minds want to demonstrate that consciousness is latent, and it’s possible that at the beginning it can be difficult to cope with tingling, itching of the body or any other discomfort. In any case, if you don’t know any meditation exercices and want to venture into this very virtuous world, you should take a moment to inform yourself and to think about the type of meditation suitable for you, your values and your needs. This is, without doubt, the first step into a wonderful and beneficial habit.  Best Regards.


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