Online Course: Angel Intuitive

from On August 28, 2017

Would you like to?  . . see, hear, feel, and understand angelic messages for yourself or others? . . . connect with the major archangels, ascended masters, and departed loved ones? . . . use oracle cards as a divination tool to receive guidance from Heaven? . . . gain confidence in yourself as a spiritual teacher, healer, and psychic?

Now you can become a certified Angel Intuitive at your own pace using this 8-lesson, at-home intensive training course. Joined by her son, Charles, Doreen will help you open your natural intuitive gifts so that you can speak to the angels and deliver spiritual counseling. You’ll gain confidence in your healing abilities and clarity about your life purpose.

For years, Doreen taught students at live exclusive events, but this course material will no longer be available ANYWHERE else. Fulfill your desires and get certified now: don’t pass up this opportunity to fulfill your dreams!

“Fulfill the role of healer as you are guided, and know that you are never alone in the process.”

—Charles Virtue

The course has two main purposes:

1. Self-healing:

You will release blocks, fears, and old painful emotions so that you can hear the voice of the angels and Divine guidance.

2. Skill building:

You will learn and practice the step-by-step reading and healing methods developed by Doreen.

In this fun course, suitable for both beginners and those who are already working professionally in a spiritually-based career, Doreen and Charles personally guide you through the steps to conduct Angel Therapy® healing sessions. Eight in-depth lessons teach you to lift your blocks so you can enjoy all of the support and success of focusing on your Divine purpose.

Through exercises, demonstrations, and guided meditations, you’ll discover how to work with God’s angels, your own guardian angels, and the archangels to awaken your intuition and receive healing messages from Heaven—for yourself and on behalf of others.

At the end of this online course, you’ll be eligible to be a certified Angel Intuitive™. This paraprofessional worldwide designation demonstrates that you’ve taken extra training to understand Angel Therapy methods, and underscores your preparation to teach others about the angels or give professional angel readings.

Whether you plan to use your skills for yourself, for your loved ones, or in your private practice as a certified Angel Intuitive, this course will inspire you to gain clear guidance from your guardian angels, which can help you in every area of your life.

Get answers and insights about the next steps for you to take; heal your own emotions; and develop the skills to be a professional healer (if you choose), ready to bring your unique blessings to the world. Take advantage of this special opportunity to become an Angel Intuitive!

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