Online Course: Fat For Fuel

from On August 28, 2017


In this revolutionary online course—the first of its kind—New York Times best-selling author and leading natural-health practitioner Dr. Joseph Mercola reveals the startling truth about diet, disease, and dysfunction that will revolutionize your understanding of health. 

But what if all this information is utterly, terribly wrong?

For over a century, we’ve accepted the scientific consensus that cancer is a genetic disease… that we have little to no control over conditions like heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s…that our body weight is simply a measure of calories in and calories out…and that the low-fat, high-carb diet that’s been popularized by the mass media is optimal for our health.

“This is the most powerful metabolic intervention I’ve ever encountered in my clinical practice.”

– Dr. Joseph Mercola

Virtually every chronic disease we know is related to mitochondrial health.

Mitochondria—the tiny energy factories within your cells—are the key to optimal health and healing. They generate the energy you need to stay alive and well. When they are damaged or dysfunctional, not only is it impossible to stay healthy but you are vulnerable to virtually all degenerative diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and neurodegenerative decay.

And the sad news is, given the diet and nutrition misinformation that’s been touted for decades, not to mention the rampant health conditions many people are fighting daily, none of us has escaped mitochondrial damage.

But you can take control of your health! You simply need to give your body the proper fuel—and it’s not what you’ve been led to believe. A ketogenic diet, which is very low in carbohydrates and high in healthy fats, is the key to suppressing disease and supporting healing. And the benefits are astonishing—not only in treating or preventing serious illness, but in boosting your brainpower, increasing your energy, reducing inflammation, and helping you lose weight and keep it off.

This groundbreaking course, which merges decades of Dr. Mercola’s research with the latest findings in the science of mitochondrial health, will give you the cutting-edge keys to a lifetime of vibrant health. Dr. Mercola will lead you on a clear, practical, engaging journey so you can first understand how your body works at a molecular level. Then he and nutritionist Miriam Kalamian will share startling science, tell you what foods to eat, give you practical strategies to follow, and show you how to monitor your progress to help your mitochondria thrive—a program he calls Mitochondrial Metabolic Therapy (MMT).

MMT is a system of eating that will allow your body to burn fat, instead of glucose, as its primary fuel source. Because fat is a much cleaner burning fuel, this shift helps optimize your mitochondrial function and protects you from cellular damage that could lead to disease.

“You can take control of your health by giving your body the proper fuel.”

– Dr. Joseph Mercola

It’s impossible to live a long, healthy life without healthy mitochondria—and you can turn that around and turn on your body’s innate ability to prevent and heal from disease by the food choices you make every day.

If you want to have more energy; achieve your ideal body weight without feeling deprived; help ward off cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, and other degenerative diseases; and live a long and healthy life, you don’t have to wait. You can begin to improve your health and prevent needless pain and suffering by applying the information in this course today!

Don’t wait decades for metabolic mitochondrial therapy to make its way into the mainstream. You can build a healthier body and brain starting right now.

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