Online Course: Introduction to Qabalah

from On August 28, 2017

Qabalah is a path for personal and spiritual growth, and a body of magical knowledge that is learned not just through information given, but also through exploration taken and through experience. The Tree of Life is the central organization system and, as you travel its paths, the Tree’s many teachings will reveal themselves to you. Qabalah will empower you to take responsibility for your life’s direction and open doors to a completely new, more profound understanding of the world.

This comprehensive online course clears away the mystique surrounding Qabalah to uncover how you can start working with it in a very practical way. It guides you around the Tree of Life and introduces you to the many subjects that intercept and correspond to points on the Tree. Astrology, archangels, crystals, Tarot cards and more can all be found on the Tree, and you can choose to work with the tools that most resonate with you. You’ll also be guided through simple rituals, meditations and safe practices that will enhance your journey through the Tree.

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