Online Course: Iyanla’s Fixins Replace, Repair and Maintain Relationships

from On August 28, 2017

Have you ever asked yourself, “What’s the matter with me?” or “Why can’t I just . . . ?”

In this powerful online course, master spiritual teacher and New York Times best-selling author Iyanla Vanzant will help you uncover what’s holding you back from realizing the life of your dreams. She shows that living from a place of greater authenticity and joy comes from mastering five area of life:

• Self

• Relationships

• Forgiveness

• Vision

• Trust

These are the five keys to creating your desired future.

Your journey with Iyanla begins with the simple question “Who are you?” and works its way through a series of steps that prompt you to dig deep into what makes you tick, what values you hold dear, and what habits, beliefs, and behaviors may be preventing your personal evolution. Through this process, Iyanla helps you figure out what makes you, you—and guides you in laying the groundwork for a future of incredible prosperity, fulfillment, and happiness.

After establishing this strong foundation, Iyanla delves into the tumultuous world of relationships. These aren’t just intimate relationships—you’ll be looking at your connection with parents, friends, partners, coworkers, and yourself. Iyanla will reveal the surprising true purpose of relationships, talk about what makes them go wrong, and tell you how to fix them. She’ll coach you, support you, and (where necessary) correct you so you can heal, improve, salvage, or create healthy, loving relationships that support the truest expression of your Self. She’ll also help you let go of the emotional baggage that keeps you stuck by making the choice for forgiveness—the biggest gift you can give yourself.

Next, Iyanla explores vision—a tool of empowerment that focuses your mind, builds your faith, and inspires you to take action. To get where you want to be, you must first know where you want to go and feel the reality of that future deep in your soul. With simple exercises and probing questions, Iyanla will help you sculpt a powerful vision that you can believe in.

She also addresses what makes a vision break down: a lack of trust. Discussing the four levels of trust—trusting yourself, trusting God, trusting others, and trusting the process—Iyanla lays out why trust is the cornerstone of creating your desired future, yet also the hardest part. Trust requires you to let go of expectations, to take consistent action without consistent results, and to know that no matter what shows up . . . you’re going to be okay.

This compelling course is packed with powerful inspiration, simple exercises, healing meditations, and Iyanla’s signature humor. Filmed in front of a live studio audience, this course gives you access to not only tremendous wisdom but also real-life stories and pressing questions from people who are experiencing and healing the same things as you.

So join Iyanla today and take your first step toward a more blessed Life!

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