21 Days to Higher Energy



Doreen and Robert (who are both 100 percent caffeine-free) show you wonderful ways to kick start your natural energy—not the chemically induced, roller-coaster kind but real energy that’s lasting and steady. This will fuel you to have the motivation and the strength to do what you came here to do.

As you go along this path of higher energy, you’ll find that you start to care about yourself and detox from anything that’s negative or harsh. This process is like shining a spotlight on your life, taking inventory of what’s going on. You’ll discover that the spotlight always locates and identifies areas that need improvement. But you’ll look upon these changes as an opportunity to reinvent yourself. Small steps will lead to profound changes in your life. Each one will act as a catalyst, setting the next in motion—and accelerating your journey to higher energy.

The benefit of going through this program really is feeling better about yourself. You’ll probably feel like a whole different person than when you started out—in the best possible way. And remember, you don’t have to stop at 21 days. In fact, the hope is that you make high energy your lifestyle. Once you put the time and effort into the practices Doreen and Robert talk about, the results speak for themselves.

When you’re energized, you have an uplifting effect wherever you go. You experience a shift in your life, especially when you wake up, noticing that you have a clear mind-set and feel more compelled to do things that are on your priority list.

Don’t let the next 21 days go by with you still feeling stuck, sluggish, and stressed—seize this opportunity today . . . and start experiencing higher energy tomorrow!


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