The Best of Brian Tracy


Everything You Want in Life at Your Fingertips! Scientifically proven and road tested, this is THE complete, powerful lineup of tools for success!


In “The Best of Brian Tracy,” I give you everything you need to hone the 3 most important skills necessary for mega success:

  1. Master your Mind: This is your most powerful resource, and tapping into that power is easier than you think—once you know how.
  2. Master your Time: It’s the ultimate nonrenewable resource—once it’s gone, it’s gone forever.
  3. Master your Communication: Success comes much easier when you can easily get others on board with your ideas.

Once you master these concepts – which is surprisingly simple to do – you become hard-wired for success.

Once you “get it,” you attain outrageous levels of achievement without working any harder or longer than anyone else. In fact, your success will feel so natural, so easy, that you’ll accomplish more, faster, than ever before.

Ready to “get it”?

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