Break Down the Barriers! Release Your Blocks to Personal and Professional Success

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Are you sensing a chronic resistance in your life? No matter how hard you try, do you seem to keep running into obstacles? If you feel your search for success has been blocked in any way, this powerful Audio Download will help you to finally break through!

Join New York Times bestselling author Sandra Anne Taylor for an amazing Audio Download that reveals your hidden blocks and gives you the power to move past the old disruptive patterns—even if they’ve been with you for years. There are many things within and around you that could be holding you back. Find out what they are and get them out of the way!

With Sandra’s expert insight and loving guidance, you’ll identify and break free of your unknown blocks to success. Some of these hidden disruptive patterns include:
• Inner blocks such as sabotaging thoughts and beliefs, negative emotional patterns, and conflicting intentions.
• Blocks from the past, such as childhood training, treatment, and misinformation. Or, karmic reactions and encoded contracts.
• Outer blocks such as shared economic consciousness; negative energy from family, friends, and work associates; and environmental influences.

Sandra also gives you special techniques to break down the barriers including:
• Visualization to remove inner and outer obstacles;
• Meditation to clear energy and history; and
• Affirmations and reprogramming to create a bright, new future.

Whatever you’ve been through, you don’t have to stay stuck any longer. Now is the time to shift old energy and move your life forward. This powerful Audio Download gives you the tools and shows you the way.

Blast through the blocks and move into the beautiful future that awaits you!


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