Certified Crystal Reader



Did you know that crystals can . . .
. . . accelerate and amplify your intentions?
. . . boost your prayers and “lift” them to Heaven?
. . . help with your health, career, love life, and financial abundance?
. . . bring you peace and comfort?
. . . increase your psychic ability?

It’s true: All of these healing outcomes, and more, are available to skilled practitioners of crystal therapy. And as a Certified Crystal Reader, you can deliver these benefits to your loved ones and clients, as well as yourself!

Yet, with over 4,600 different types of stones, configurations, and matrices—and an ancient lineage as a mystical art—crystal work can seem esoteric, or even overwhelming.

Doreen and Judith cut through the confusion, put everything into practical terms, and also show you how to connect with crystals energetically—without the need to purchase costly physical stones. Armed with the resources in this course, you can begin your crystal journey right away!

Crystals can help you rebalance and boost the energy of your chakra system and energy body—and they can help release imbalances as well. Part of being a Certified Crystal Reader is understanding the crystal connection to each associated chakra, along with the numerous ways to improve the related life issues.

With Doreen and Judith walking you through all the ins and outs, you will truly understand in a practical sense what it means to be a Crystal Reader.

What’s more, crystal reading is a skill that you can blend with any other healing or reading modalities. Crystals focus healing energy and magnify the light in your healing work—whatever form it may take.

The possibilities are endless. Just at there are no limits to your intuition, crystal therapy presents an infinite opportunity. Seize this chance now to become a Certified Crystal Reader!

In this exciting online course, you’ll get:

  • In-depth information on the energetic and healing properties of more than 40 crystals
  • Colorful supplemental handouts with exercises, crystal charts, and flashcards
  • 3 powerful crystal meditations
  • Step-by-step guidance on how to tap into crystals etherically
  • An interactive quiz to assess your knowledge of individual stones, formations, and therapeutic applications
  • Access to a private Facebook community, where you can interact with other students and graduates of the course
  • A personalized frameable Certificate denoting your status as a Certified Crystal Reader upon completion of the course
  • A professional logo signifying you as a Certified Crystal Reader on your website and business cards.

Whether you’re interested in using crystal therapy for your own self-growth or in the context of a professional practice—or if you just find yourself drawn to crystals and want to investigate why—this comprehensive course will teach you everything you need to know about these magical tools for transformation.


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