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Does your life need a little more magic? You have natural magical abilities, and if you believe and act with open- and warm-hearted intentions, fairy magic will seek you out. Through connecting and working the fairy realm, you will discover how to become attuned with the natural world, employ fairy healing energy to enhance your wellbeing, and begin to manifest your dreams and desires into reality.

Fairies are powerful nature spirits who protect and support the natural world; through assisting them with their mission and acting with selfless intention, you’ll find that fairy magic will materialize in your life in amazing and beautiful ways. This wonderful online video course will introduce you to the amazing fairy realm, and offer expert advice on performing spells, meditations and exercises so that you can begin to supercharge every part of your life with magical fairy energy. You’ll learn how to connect and commune with many different types of fairy, and how to ask the fairies for help in enhancing specific areas of your life – from creativity to abundance and finding lost possessions.

This exclusive online course includes:

  • Over three hours of video lessons with fairy expert Flavia Kate Peters
  • A comprehensive overview of the fairy realm, including specialist guidance on how to connect and work with the fairies through nature
  • Advice on how to request help from the fairies, and how to manifest your dreams and desires from your imagination into the physical realm
  • Detailed information on the traits and capabilities of many different types of fairy, and an in-depth introduction to each of the elemental guardians
  • Instruction on healing with the fairies using different tools, including crystals
  • Practical exercises, meditations, spells and invocations, so you can begin working magic into your everyday
  • Seven in-depth worksheets to further enhance your relationship with the fairy realm

During this seven lesson course, you’ll learn how to:

  • Perform spells, meditations and invocations, and build elemental fairy altars through tapping into your true natural magical abilities
  • Harness unique and powerful elemental magic to enhance specific areas of your life, including abundance, relationships and health
  • Become more attuned to the magic of nature and the elements, and support the fairies in their mission to balance and protect the natural world
  • Work with fairy healing energy to enhance the harmony and wellbeing of yourself and others using a variety of tools
  • Raise your vibration to commune with the fairies, and ask for their help in manifesting your desires from your imagination into reality


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