Embrace Your Feminine Power



In this three-part series, Cynthia Occelli will guide you to connect with your feminine essence- your creative, expansive, magnetic center–and use it to transform your life. You’ll discover your passion and purpose, become free of outside expectations, gain clarity and confidence and take ownership of your innate beauty and power. After taking this course, you’ll have the confidence, motivation and know-how, not only to create your dreams, but to love and embrace the woman in the mirror. Cynthia will teach you smart strategies, timeless wisdom, and powerful practices that will strengthen your connection to your feminine essence resulting in more youthful vitality, radiant beauty, abundance, prosperity and personal power.

Course content, materials and resources:
• 4 ½ hours of Cynthia teaching
• Guided meditation: Embrace Your Inner Goddess (.mp3 download)

Lesson 1: Healing the Feminine Mind
In this inspiring course, Cynthia will expose the myths and dissolve the barriers surrounding women and feminine energy. You’ll learn how your past experiences, outside influences, and deeply held beliefs can stop and block you from feeling worthy and entitled to live the life you ache to live. Cynthia will explain how repressing your feminine and creative needs can lead to an overindulgence in comfort seeking behaviors. You’ll uncover your authentic truth and learn to let your mind and intuition work together–free and unhindered by the influences of others. From here, your deepest desires and dreams will become possible. Together you and Cynthia will create an environment for your feminine power, healthy self-esteem, confidence, and inherent worthiness to blossom.

Lesson 2: Discover and Embrace Your Life’s Purpose
Cynthia will guide you to discover and explore your life’s purpose. You’ll learn to craft your life’s mission statement and to follow practices that strengthen your connection to and expression of your purpose. Cynthia will guide, empower and encourage you to embrace your purpose. She’ll also teach you how to build a business or career around your life’s calling and use your feminine energy to magnetize whatever you need to carry you forward. Cynthia will discuss practical wisdom from her very popular series, The 7 Steps to Manifesting Your Heart’s Desires (as shared on Hay House Radio), and you’ll receive the entire 7 Step series in an e-book. You’ll have what you need to transform your life and finances.

Lesson 3: Resurrecting Venus
This week’s course focuses on cultivating true and timeless beauty and lasting contentment. Beauty, like contentment, is an inside job. You’ll learn how to purify your mind by surrendering victimhood, guilt, and un-forgiveness. You’ll learn how to release stagnant emotional energy from your body and deepen your connection to your inner goddess. Cynthia will guide you to let go of the limiting beliefs women hold around age, beauty, sexual desirability, and vitality. You’ll learn that by changing your inner world, your outer appearance and world will shift. Cynthia will discuss powerful practices, healing and detoxifying lifestyle strategies, and you’ll receive her sublime guided meditation, Embrace Your Inner Goddess.

This purchase provides all three lesson downloads immediately upon purchase and unlimited on-demand access so you can enjoy this program again and again!


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