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For thousands of years, the amazing philosophy of feng shui has been used to harness the flow of powerful energies of our homes and bring balance and abundance into our lives. Through cultivating harmony within your home, you’ll be inspired to make amazing changes in order to enhance specific areas of your life, and manifest your desires for your career, relationships, wealth and health.

This comprehensive online video course will introduce you to the wonderful, life-changing magic of feng shui, offering a breadth of knowledge, case studies, practical techniques and teachings, so that you can begin to make your home a sanctuary that loves and supports you. You’ll learn how to improve the flow of healthy energy within your home, clear your clutter for good and feel empowered to express your authentic self. Your home is an intimate external expression of your internal self, and through applying the practical principles of feng shui to create controlled changes, you’ll begin an enjoyable journey of personal transformation, empowerment and discovery.

This exclusive online course includes:

  • Over three and a half hours of video lessons with feng shui expert Davina Mackail
  • A comprehensive overview of the history, schools and principles of feng shui
  • Advice on how to create balance and harmony within your home, and how to positively change certain aspects of your life through the manipulation of energetic chi
  • Instruction on how to use popular feng shui techniques and tools, including advice on placing and reading the bagua, organizational strategies for clutter management and suggestions for preparing and undertaking space clearings
  • Bespoke feng shui remedies, cures and enhancements tried-and-tested for the modern day
  • Six interactive worksheets to enhance your learning
  • Practical exercises, meditations, case studies and resources, so you continue making intuitive and empowered decisions

During this six lesson course, you’ll learn how to:

  • Look at your living space with fresh and informed eyes, and transform your relationship to your home, yourself and others
  • Utilize and create powerful, personal feng shui enhancements to supercharge specific areas of your life
  • Harness powerful energies within your home, and learn how to shift harmful or stagnant chi to improve the flow of healthy, positive energy
  • Develop and trust your intuitive choices, and feel confident in controlling deep, personal transformations
  • Connect with your living space on an energetic level, and transform it into a home that supports and nurtures your dreams
  • Feel empowered to express yourself, and make informed décor choices that cultivate balance and harmony within your home and life


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