Healer, Psychic, Medium Discover Your Unique Spiritual Gifts by JAMES VAN PRAAGH


Healer, Psychic, Medium. Discover Your Unique Spiritual Gifts by JAMES VAN PRAAGH. Online Courses


A 6-Lesson Online Course with Psychic Medium, trusted spiritual teacher and New York Times best-selling author, James Van Praagh

Do you feel called to do spirit work, but you don’t know which path to take or where to begin?
Do you ever wonder what spiritual gifts you have, and how to use them to improve your life and the lives of others?
Do you often question your perceptions, intuitions, or even your path in life?
In this fascinating new online course with world renowned medium and trusted spiritual teacher, James Van Praagh, you’ll learn what you are uniquely called to do while on earth. Whether you feel called to be a healer, intuitive, or medium (or even a philosopher, writer or artist), this course gives you the confidence and the know-how to express your unique spiritual gifts. When you connect with the light and love from spirit, you’ll easily access your intuition and hear the voice within calling you to express your gifts.

“If you’re on the path you’re meant to be on, everything falls into place; the Universe is telling you that. If you are not on the right path, you will experience roadblocks all along the way, and this is also the Universe telling you to stop, look, and ask if this is where you are supposed to be.”
– James Van Praagh
The Healer, Psychic, Medium Online Course is for you if:

You’ve ever experienced a deep knowing that you are called to heal others
You wish to develop and enhance your psychic intuitive skills to improve your own life or help others improve their lives
You can sense the energy in a room or see colors around people
You question why you are here and struggle finding a meaningful purpose
You want to honor your feelings and perceptions without doubting or dismissing what you feel or sense
You are a writer or artist but don’t feel confident in your abilities
You are a seeker – always learning and growing in all areas of life
You’ve always been curious about karma, near-death, out-of-body or past-life regressions
You want to access your spiritual power for a deeper connection with yourself and with others
You know that there is more to you and you are ready to explore your spiritual essence more deeply
What’s Included in this Healer, Psychic, Medium Online Course:

6 Comprehensive and Confidence Building Video Lessons
Healer, Psychic Intuitive, Medium Course Journal
Explorative Journal Exercises to Practice and Develop Your Spiritual Gifts
Exclusive Guided Meditations
Never doubt your gut feelings or what you sense as knowing again! Learn to honor your truth and your calling to do important spirit or creative work. The world needs your light and you are here now to discover your gifts and use them in your time here on earth to realize your dreams and to help others realize theirs.
This comprehensive and engaging course includes James’s Healer, Psychic, Medium Course Journal so you can track your insights and progress as you work through each lesson. You’ll also have access to downloadable audio meditations created specifically for this online course you can use again and again to further develop and nurture your spiritual gifts.

“The mystery of life doesn’t seem so mysterious if you venture inward and listen to your soul’s voice.”