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For nearly two decades, New York Times best-selling author Mike Dooley has been writing, speaking, and teaching worldwide on the nature of reality and sharing an approach to living deliberately and creating consciously. In that time, he developed a straightforward tool called the Matrix that will remarkably guide you—every time, every step of the way, and without fail—to having whatever it is that your heart most desires.

There are only three profound rules to using the Matrix, and in this course Mike will teach you to master not only those rules but also all the subtleties and intricacies of manifestation that can throw you off or trip you up along the way. “Living deliberately is easy,” Mike says, “but there are certain nuances—and you’ve got to know what those nuances are or you’ll have hits and misses that will ultimately break your heart.”

Once you fully understand how the Matrix operates, Mike turns his focus to teaching you how to play the Matrix in order to pull financial abundance into your life. Abundance is your birthright—and it’s easily accessible if you know how to claim it, prepare the way for it, and act as if it’s already yours.

He’ll teach you how to move from fear to fortune—sharing his personal story of doing the same—and bust common misconceptions about wealth and abundance that might be keeping you blocked. He’ll also guide you to install new, empowering beliefs and take action to stir up life’s magic in the direction of your dreams. With targeted, tried-and-true strategies that work all the time, you’ll soon be on a path to greater wealth and abundance. And you will, as Mike says, become “a lightning rod for miracles and manifestation.”

You have always been, and will always be, a natural born creator. Now it’s time to harness that power and redirect the course of your life with your eyes wide open.


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