Solemate: Uncover Your Authentic Self & Transform Your Life

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Many people spend years waiting for a soul mate to complete them. Others settle for unfulfilling relationships out of fear of being alone. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. You can take charge of your happiness and fulfillment no matter whether you’re in a relationship or not. In fact, mastering the art of aloneness is the key to transforming your life, your relationship with yourself, and your relationships with others.

In this life-changing Audio Download, renowned coach, psychotherapist, and author of bestselling Solemate, Lauren Mackler, teaches you her groundbreaking roadmap to achieve mastery of your life, so you can experience a sense of wholeness and well-being—on your own or in a relationship.

In this powerful Audio Download you’ll learn:
• How your life conditioning impacts your adult life.
• The core beliefs, role, and habitual behaviors of your Conditioned Self.
• How to reclaim your “lost parts” and innate wholeness.
• The hidden drivers of fear and how to override them.
• How to “live deliberately” and align your actions with your desired results.

When we’re born, we are whole, integrated human beings with tremendous potential. Growing up, we respond to our life conditioning by adopting habitual patterns of thought and behavior, many of which erode our innate wholeness. Instead of depending on someone else to complete you, Lauren helps you reclaim your innate wholeness by shedding old, self-defeating patterns, moving beyond your fears, and “living deliberately” to create and live the life to which you aspire.


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