Your Happy Genes


Your Happy Genes. Tripping Your Inner Switches for Pleasure, Success and Relaxation by DAWSON CHURCH


We’ve joked about having the right genes for happiness, but it turns out that we might have just that. New evidence from the emerging science of epigenetics shows that there is a complex interplay between some of our key regulatory genes, and our emotional state. The practical applications of epigenetics were summarized in two bestsellers, Bruce Lipton’s The Biology of Belief and Dawson Church’s The Genie in Your Genes.  In this new book, Dawson Church presents, in simple, non-scientific language, the latest research on how your mental state affects these genes. He shows how belief, intention, forgiveness, meditation, altruism, optimism, and other attributes of happiness can exercise a powerful effect on our stress genes. These genes are involved with aging and immunity, and by changing our emotional state to a happier one, we turn on the genes that promote better health and longevity. He shows that the effects of these emotional practices can add many healthy years to our lives.

The book is also the first to lay out a daily plan for epigenetic emotional health, which even a busy person can do in just 19 minutes a day. Inspirational, yet firmly grounded in evidence-based medicine, Your Happy Genes is a revolutionary blueprint for applying the best of modern science to create a happier and healthier future.