Love Coaching: 9 phrases you should always use in a relationship

from On June 21, 2016

Love Coaching: 9 phrases you should always use in a relationship

For a relationship to last, it’s essential that the exchanges flow from affection, understanding and trust. Sometimes we forget about this and routine urges us to release ourselves from demonstrating some evidence of love, respect and consideration, that we should never ignore. In this article, we will remind you the importance of nine phrases you should use in your relationships, on a daily basis.

1. “I miss you”

“To feel a lack is not to be empty, but to be filled with thoughts for someone who is present in his absence …”

Behind this lies a great value. When people we love pronounce these words, we feel that we bring them something that only we can give them. The fact of expressing how his kisses, his touch, his smile and his presence you miss, is essential to keep love alive.

2. “How was your day?”

“Indifference is a form of laziness and laziness is a symptom of lack of love. No one is lazy with what he loves “

This is the way to guarantee a space to share our everyday experiences and concerns. This is not to enter every day into a spiral of complaint or self-glorification, it’s to give the opportunity to express how we feel, facing the true interests of the other person.

3. ” You Remember when …?”

“Many times in life, people forget what they should remember and remember what they should forget …”

The fact of remembering great moments spent together makes sure that the magic is not lost over the years. In fact, remembering is a good way to generate new good experience because it helps us to remember how we can feel good together, what unites us.

4. “How can I help you?”

“Don’t look for someone who will solve all your problems, look for someone who won’t let you face them alone …”

This is to find ways we can unload our partner from frustration and loss of control. We can offer our help simply by asking what we can do. With this question, your partner understands that he is not alone and has a support on which he can rely. In addition, this has the great privilege of showing that this help is sincere, one of the most reassuring sensations one can have.

5. “What do you think?”

“When you don’t speak, there are many things that end up being unspoken.”

This is what we often forget. Both in smaller and in larger decisions, both partners must feel part of it. It’s essential that we are autonomous and independent, but when we have a relationship and we make decisions, both members have a say. Moreover, assuming that a decision affects the relationship and each one individually, the fact of sharing opinions maintains afloat the ship of mutual trust and security.

6. “I love that about you”

“A bomb makes more noise than a caress, but for every bomb that explodes, there are thousands of caresses that builds life.”

Compliments and praise are an essential part of a relationship. The fact of pronouncing flattering words will make your partner feel loved and appreciated. It’s essential to remind him everything you love about him, to caress him, to kiss and share intimate moments.

7. “I’m sorry, you’re right”

“The perfect couple is not the one that has no problems, but the one that despite these problems they are still together”

When we argue and commit errors, generally, we tend to get a little stubborn and forget that humility and trust are the basis of a good relationship. Don’t let problems become an internal conflict and try to solve them as soon as possible, from humility. Pride has no place in love. Remember that “forgiveness falls like gentle rain from heaven to earth. Bless the one who gives it and the one who receives it “.

8. “Please” and “thank you”

“Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you focus on what you don’t have, you will never have enough.”

There is a huge difference between “Get out the garbage!” And “Honey, could you please take out the garbage.” The first option gives more room for interpretations and susceptibilities, while in the second you perceive the affection and understanding. Speaking with affection and without reproach is one of the small daily details that allow us to feel good and to grow as a couple.

9. “I love you”

“I want to be in a relationship in which telling me that you love me is just a ceremonial validation of what you already showed me.”

These are the three words stars. Nothing and no one can deprive them of their significance and their great symbolism. These three words are the beginning of true love, they constitute the recognition of the bond between you and the expression of the energy that makes you move you forward. Always remember that to love someone deeply gives you strength, and that feeling deeply loved gives us value.

We hope this Love Coaching article is helpful in you current relationship. Best regards


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